• KTM 390 Adventure.
    KTM 390 Adventure.
  • KTM 390 Scrambler.
    KTM 390 Scrambler.
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New KTM 390 Adventure, 390 Scrambler spied

25th Oct 2017 10:53 am

Expect to see more of these bikes at the 2017 EICMA show in early November.

German website Motorrad Online has captured test mules of two upcoming KTMs that are based on the 390 platform. The first is a completely different version of the 390 Adventure test mule that was captured in December 2016 and the second is something we haven’t seen before, a 390 Scrambler. There is only one image of each bike and neither is very clear, but there are still many details that can be gleaned.

The Adventure begins
Let’s start with the Adventure. For starters, this 390 Adventure is a very different machine from the test bike that was spotted last year. The previous test bike was a hardcore, off-road biased ADV with fat long travel suspension, a flat seat, a completely different swingarm and large, adventure-sized spoke wheels. The design was significantly different as well, with the new bike possessing a cleaner, more road-focused look while dropping the previous Dakar rally-bike style fairing for a sleeker windscreen.

However, the latest test mule still doesn’t look production ready yet. KTM appears to be testing wheel sizes and types, with what looks like a 19-inch spoke wheel up front and a 17-inch cast rim at the back. The pillion footrest assembly also looks like a simple solution for the test mule. The front brake appears to have been borrowed from the current 390 Duke, as does the swingarm, but both these could well make it to the final production bike. The fuel tank is shaped differently and could hold more than the current 390’s 13.5-litres, which would do wonders for the bike’s highway range. Taller individuals will be happy to see that the significantly larger sub-frame creates a wider berth for the rider and pillion, while leaving some space at the back for a small luggage rack as well.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any more angles visible, so we can’t see what the face, exhaust and instrument cluster look like just yet. However, apart from the simple bash plate, it’s clear that this is a far more rounded machine than the first test bike that was spotted and it will offer a better mix of on-road and off-road abilities compared to the previous machine’s heavy off-road focus. But this was to be expected, as KTM’s entry-level ADV has to appeal to a wide range of users and the bike seems to be shaping up well in that regard.

Scrambling for dirt!
Well, here’s a lovely surprise. Motorrad not only captured the 390 Adventure on test but also what looks like a scrambler-type bike on the 390 platform. From the images, it’s clear that this is a motorcycle that retains the tight dimensions of the 390 Duke, but adds a good dose of off-road zing. The front-end appears similar to what’s on the 390 Adventure test bike with what should be longer travel suspension, but we can’t be sure because of the fork shrouds. It’s also apparent that the steering geometry has been relaxed with a more raked-out front-end.

Aside from the funky, dirt-bike style front fender, body work is very minimal and the tank appears to be shared with the 390, although the plastic tank extensions look different. Bodywork around the rear sub-frame looks different, but the size seems unchanged, thus retaining the compact dimensions. As with the 390 Adventure, this test bike is running a larger-looking spoke rim at the front and a standard cast rim at the rear. Overall, the 390 Scrambler goes beyond the hipster-friendly looks and could offer a new level of mild-to-moderate off-road ability while retaining the compact and light nature of the Duke. Sounds like a recipe for some proper fun!

We hope to hear and see more of both these bikes at the upcoming EICMA show on November 7, 2017. Will they be shown in concept form or will they be ready for launch? Time will tell, and we can hardly wait!

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