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Renault Duster desert odessey

28th Mar 2014 10:28 pm

Duster owners from across the country gather for a drive across Rajasthan.


Renault has launched a new initiative to connect with its Duster customers across the country. A series of drives under the banner of the 'Gang of Dusters' aims to build a community of Duster owners through a series of road trips. The first such initiative was a drive from Mumbai to Goa. The second drive, 'The Desert Odyssey'  took place recently in Rajasthan. Duster owners from as far away as Mumbai and Indore had driven down to Jaipur to be a part of this adventure.

Starting off from the Pink City on the morning of March 15, 2014, the convoy of Dusters set course for Bikaner. Roads in Rajasthan are generally good and the 340km drive was a relaxed affair and the convoy rolled into Hotel Vesta Bikaner Palace by late afternoon. The evening  was spent with the drivers pitting their skills against each other on a small course marked out with cones.

The next day, the cavalcade headed for Jaisalmer. But there were things to do before the Dusters reached their stop for the night, 470km away. At Mohangarh Lake, the cars made their way to the dried river bed for a bit of fun and play. From there, they made their way to the Sam Sand Dunes for a bit of dune bashing with the sunset adding to the charm of the desert. It was dark by the time the cars pulled up at Mama's Resort & Camp at Khuri, near Jaisalmer.

March 17 was Holi. After two days of spending time together, people who were strangers two days ago were now friends. So, the Holi celebrations at the camp were a predictably exuberant  affair with lots of colour, music and dance. The evening provided a different kind of high for the participants as Renault had organised parasailing in the desert. But as the sun set on Holi, Jaisalmer's number one attraction, Queen Harish, got the groove going and set the floor on fire.

Day four. March 18. A 670km drive back to Jaipur meant a long day on the road. But the cavalcade of Dusters made good time thanks to the excellent roads and the strong engines. This was the last day of the drive for this Gang of Dusters. But this was not the last time they were going to meet as contacts and phone numbers were exchanged.

Renault, who set out to establish a community of Duster lovers, has set the ball rolling with this initiative. The company is promising many more exciting and longer drives in the calendar year. Unfortunately as of yet, it is only open to Duster owners. But if you are Duster owner, keep an eye out for announcements on the company's website.




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