SCOOP! GM India to launch next-gen Chevrolet Beat in 2017
All-new Spark (Beat) won’t come to India, but bits from the interior will be carried over to next-gen Beat.

SCOOP! GM India to launch next-gen Chevrolet Beat in 2017

24th Jun 2015 4:47 pm

Existing Beat likely to be redesigned with new exterior and interior; 2017 launch expected for upgraded model.


The next-generation Chevrolet Beat for the Indian market is likely to be a heavily upgraded version of the current Beat with extensive exterior and interior changes. GM India has ruled out the launch of the newly launched 2016 Chevrolet Spark (née Beat), as the new M2 platform on which it is based is proving too costly for the Indian market.

“The new Spark is a car for developed markets and the cost structure maybe too high to make it viable in the very cost-competitive Indian market”, said a company official.

The current Beat’s M300 platform will form the base for the next-gen model from GM India, “but it will take lots of bits and pieces from the new Spark” according to a source, hinting that the new infotainment with the large 7-inch touchscreen will be carried over.

The new Spark gets a 1.4-litre all-aluminium engine The new Spark gets a 1.4 litre all-aluminium Ecotec petrol engine but the next-gen Beat for India is likely to get a 1-litre, three-cylinder petrol, which is essentially a downsized version of the 1.4 Ecotec motor. The 1-litre SDE diesel, which is unique to the Indian market, will also power the next Beat.

No time frame has been given for the release of the new Beat but sources indicate a 2017 launch is likely. GM India is working hard to increase localisation levels on the next-gen Beat to make it as cost competitive as possible. Also, India is likely to be a big export hub for GM’s small car production and this could give huge economies of scale, resulting in further reduction of costs.

GM India has struggled in India for nearly two decades and recently its market share plummeted to an all-time low. However, GM isn’t giving up on the market yet, which the company believes will grow to become the third largest in the world. And GM wants to be a part of that growth.



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