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New Fisker Emotion EV revealed

17th Jun 2017 12:00 pm

The electric model gets a 644km-plus range and can be charged in just nine minutes.


Fisker Inc founder Henrik Fisker has confirmed that the company's first model – the Emotion EV – will be launched internationally on August 17.

The car will have what Fisker describes as 'state-of-the-art' battery chemistry with the world's highest energy density, giving it a class-leading range of over 644km. It will also feature a nine-minute fast charging capability, along with a level of autonomy and connection to its environment.
A Lidar sensor is hidden in the car's front central darkened area – there's no grille as the Emotion is electric – although Fisker hasn't clarified which of the levels of autonomy the Emotion will be capable of.

Previous images showed its butterfly doors from the front and the rear doors, which open in the same way. The car will be built by VLF, a manufacturer Fisker partly owns, and will have the necessary hardware for autonomous driving modes. The software for this will be developed and supplied by external companies, in a move that Fisker believes will help to streamline costs and maximise efficiency.

In an earlier conversation with our sister publication Autocar UK, Fisker claimed that clever packaging enabled legroom and interior space to be maximised in the Emotion. "The entire cabin has been moved forward very much, and we lowered the bonnet of the vehicle to get better aerodynamics," he said.

"Because of the better packaging of an EV model, we have been able to create a more dynamic and sporty design but the legroom is on par with large luxury saloons."

While the Emotion will be launched as an expensive low-volume model, Fisker confirmed that a second, higher volume and lower cost model will follow. "Production for that will be handled by an established carmaker, because the established car brands have really mastered high-volume, high-quality car production," he said.

While he refrained from going into further detail as to what brand he hopes would produce this car, Fisker did at least confirm the model will be built upon a modular EV platform. "It will be scalable, so more models can be created from it in the future," he said.

With more models planned for the future, Fisker Inc could become a rival to the likes of Tesla and electric brands from mainstream carmakers, including Mercedes' new EQ sub-brand.

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