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  • Split-bottom allows the pant to be easily slipped over boots
    Split-bottom allows the pant to be easily slipped over boots
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B'Twin 500 rain pants review

26th Aug 2019 8:00 am

Cost-effective rain pants that work on a motorcycle.

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The inner liner provided with my riding gear wasn’t sufficient to keep out the Mumbai rains. So, after looking for an affordable, efficient solution, I narrowed down on the B’TWIN 500 rain pants from Decathlon for a few reasons that I’ll get to later on in this review.

Visually, the B’TWIN rain pants look just like any other rain pants in the price range, but there are some aspects that make it greater value for money. For starters, there’s the ease of slipping them on over your riding gear. From the calf downwards, the pant has a split that is held together by two bright green Velcro straps, instead of a zipper like you might usually find on other rain pants. This helps slip them over riding boots and I even managed to do so over a pair of bulky ADV boots.

Another nifty feature is an overshoe extension that covers the front and most of the side of your boot. I didn’t get the chance to test how effective this was under heavy rainfall, but it did keep water out of my ventilated Forma Ice Pros when splashing through small puddles and through a constant drizzle. On the inside, the waterproof seams appear well bonded, while the exterior gets a hydrophobic coating that allows the pant to ‘dry’ very quickly.

The B’TWIN 500 rain pants were designed for cyclists and so it also has a reflective strip around the calf, right above the Velcro openings. The reflectivity helps other road users see you more easily in low visibility conditions, which is a big positive on a motorcycle as well.

If you’re looking at getting yourself a pair, be aware that the waist doesn’t have a drawstring. However, the elastic does provide a secure fit if you choose the right size. For reference, my jeans are a size 30 and my L size rain pants are indicated for 32.3-35.0 inches, which accounts for slipping over your primary pants. The pants also have no pockets, but that’s something that’s common in a rain pants at this price point. For the money, I think the B’TWIN 500 rain pants are a great choice because they keep my lower body dry. Also, I don’t need to leave home wearing them, as I can slip them on at the side of the road if it does rain.

Where: Decathlon
Price: Rs 799

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