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    Viking motorcycle concept.
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New Viking Concept motorcycle from Henrik Fisker

17th Apr 2014 8:45 pm

New Viking Concept motorcycle will get V-twin engine, will go into production if it is received well.

Danish custom motorcycle company Lauge Jensen unveiled its new Viking Concept motorcycle at the Top Marques show in Monaco. The new Viking concept has been designed by Fisker co-founder Henrik Fisker, renowned automobile designer, who previously run design teams at Aston Martin and BMW.
Commenting on the design, Fisker said: "It’s been a dream of mine to design and create a motorcycle for many years and this is the first time I have the freedom to go and do it."
Lauge Jensen has said that the new bike retains the classic cruiser look but there has been more emphasis on a dynamic, flowing design. The tank, seat and rear fender are styled to produce a seamless transition, something Fisker believes is unique in the market.
The new Viking concept is powered by an American air-cooled V-twin engine that produces around 100bhp, allowing a top speed in excess of 209kph..
The engine on the new Viking concept has been tuned to meet the forthcoming, more stringent, Euro IV emissions regulations. Fisker says it is the first motorcycle of its kind to comply with the new requirements.
Lauge Jensen currently makes the limited edition 'Great Dane' custom cruiser, which costs upwards of £35,000 (over Rs 35 lakh). The company intends to put the new Viking concept into production if it is received positively. The Viking will be priced lower than the Great Dane.
Anderes Kirk Johansen, a Danish businessman who comes from the family that brought Lego to the market, bought Lauge Jensen in 2013. He says: "We have been developing the Viking Concept for some time. Potentially, it’s the next step for our company beyond our limited production Great Dane custom bike.
"It’s great to have Henrik, one of the world’s leading vehicle designers and a fellow Dane working in partnership with us to help create a really special, emotional design. Revealing a concept bike is all about gauging demand but, if it’s there, I look forward to producing the Viking Concept for the mainstream market."
Fisker produced the hybrid Karma before being declared bankrupt in late 2013 due to operational complications. He has since begun working in the USA as a design consultant.
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