Mercedes introduces Star Lease

Mercedes introduces Star Lease

13th Oct 2011 8:26 pm

Vehicle leasing system the first of its kind in India; promises the full experience at a fraction of the cost.


Mercedes-Benz’ new leasing programme is good news for those looking to enter the coveted club of the Three-pointed Star. Dubbed ‘Star Lease’, this scheme allows a customer to drive away a brand new car for a fraction of its sticker price. The lease amount even covers the car’s maintenance and insurance for three years.

This is possible because Mercedes-Benz retains ownership of the car, while the customer effectively pays a fixed monthly ‘rental’ fee for its use over a fixed period of time. The EMI for leasing is far less than that of actually purchasing the vehicle, a fact Mercedes is confident will draw new customers to its showrooms.

Once the lease period is complete, customers can either renew the contract or simply lease a different car – giving them the option to sample a new car every two to five years.

The service will be provided through the company’s recently introduced Daimler Financial Services. A popular service in countries like the US, this is the first time a manufacturer has offered such a scheme in India. The only downside is that feeling of not actually owning your Mercedes-Benz.

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