DSK Motowheels launches new training center in Pune
(L - R) Joseph P.F. Augustus, AVP, After Sale Service, DSK Motowheels, D.S. Kulkarni, CMD, DSK Group, Shirish Kulkarni, chairman, DSK Motowheels, Hemanti Kulkarni, president, DSK Group

DSK Motowheels launches new training center in Pune

16th Sep 2015 3:25 pm

The state-of-the-art National Manpower Excellence Centre will train technicians, and service DSK Benelli motorcycles.

India is witnessing an explosion in the number of high capacity motorcycles that are being sold in the country. An even larger number of international manufacturers are entering the market at a steady rate. While this is all very exciting on paper, and yes, in real life too, reality strikes after a few months. Practical problems such as servicing and maintenance of these motorcycles start becoming the proverbial pain in the neck.

The biggest of all these maintenance related hassles is untrained technicians at various service centers, both authorized and (mostly) unauthorized.

DSK Motowheels however, seems to have realized the anguish of many such owners, and has launched a new center in Pune to address this issue. Called the National Manpower Excellence Centre (DSK-NMEC), the center well serve the twin purposes of providing DSK Benelli customers and products with dedicated support for their motorcycles, and training technicians to deliver the ideal support that DSK Benelli products require.

Spread across a little over 9000 square feet area, the DSK-NMEC is the largest such facility for Benelli in the world. The centre will allow technicians to view live issues under expert guidance and see them being rectified in order to familiarise them with all aspects of superbike servicing. This seems to be a good and reassuring step towards keeping more existing and new owners happy.

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