The Kawasaki Z900 is an easy big bike to live with in the urban jungle.
The Kawasaki Z900 is an easy big bike to live with in the urban jungle.

Choosing between the Ducati Monster 821 and Kawasaki Z900

19th Jan 2019 11:17 am

The motorcycle should be easy to ride in the city and have a nice exhaust note.

I want to purchase a 800-900cc bike and have shortlisted the Ducati Monster 821 and the Kawasaki
Z900. I want a motorcycle that is easy to ride in city and has a nice exhaust sound.
Nilabhra Guha, via email

AAA The Z900 is the easier of the two to ride in city conditions. The Kawasaki’s engine is one of the smoothest out there and it’s also very tractable, so you can carry high gears at very low speeds. A light clutch lever only makes things easier. The Ducati, meanwhile, is the more handsome machine without any doubt, but the L-twin motor doesn’t like low revs and it will also feel hotter than the Kawasaki in traffic.

As for a good-sounding exhaust, it depends on your taste. Buyers in India tend to love the sound of an
inline four-cylinder and the Z900 produces a reasonably loud note that you should like. The Ducati is probably louder, but the L-twin note is very different and is typically deep and gruff. You  need to experience both in person to see which you prefer.

We also suggest that you look at the Triumph Street Triple S. The Triumph is slimmer and much lighter than the other two. It’s an equally quick bike and is also very easy to ride. The Triumph is the best handler, but it also has the most comfy suspension setup of these three. Sound wise, the Street Triple produces the trademark Triumph three-cylinder sound, which is a treat to the ears as well.

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