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Choosing between a diesel Ford EcoSport and Honda City

22nd Oct 2018 2:09 pm

The new car will be used around Bengaluru and on 600km highway runs.


I currently own a 2012 Maruti Suzuki Swift diesel and am planning to buy a new car in the upcoming festive season. After some research, I have shortlisted the Honda City diesel and the Ford EcoSport diesel. I won’t be changing the car for the next seven years and it will mostly be used within Bengaluru. I also go on a 600km-long drive once in three months.
Ravi, Bengaluru

AAA If you mainly drive yourself, consider the EcoSport diesel as the Ford engine is stronger and more refined. The EcoSport’s high seating position and compact dimensions will make it easier to navigate through Bengaluru traffic than the City. The EcoSport, with its high ground clearance, is better for long distances too. The City has an outstanding back seat and would be the better choice only if you were mainly chauffeur driven.


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