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Buying a new premium car with a Rs 50 lakh budget

10th Jun 2019 12:30 pm

Looking to buy a comfortable, spacious SUV or sedan that seats five and offers good drivability on Indian roads.


I’m 6ft tall and drive a 2015 Honda City. I am looking for a car within a budget of Rs 50 lakh for my family of five, which also includes three kids (aged three to six). The car should be easy to get in and out, should have very comfortable seating and it should have smooth drivability on our Indian road conditions. My commuting will be 80 percent in the city and 20 percent on the highway.
Azhar, Chennai

AAA In order of preference we would suggest the following:

1) Skoda Kodiaq – Suits your needs the best as it is high enough to make getting in and out easy, has a good back seat and is a good balance between a city car and highway cruiser.

2) Honda CR-V – It’s a bit on the pricey side but again has a good mix of city and highway talents. It’s quite comfortable too but not as well appointed as the Kodiaq.

3) Toyota Camry Hybrid – It’s newly launched and is much better than the previous car. It has loads of space, a smooth end efficient powertrain and superb reliability.

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