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Sponsored feature: Hyundai Creta: Inspired by the Panchtatva

6th May 2020 4:36 pm

The second generation of Hyundai’s champion SUV is inspired by the ancient concept of the panchtatva – about the five elements that make up the cosmos. Here’s how it all comes together in the new Creta, the Ultimate SUV.


We are all made up of the elements – and we exist because of them. This knowledge has come  down to us from time immemorial. Ancient indian scriptures, including the vedas, have spoken about how life is created and preserved by the panchtatva. the word ‘panchtatva’ comes from Sanskrit, with ‘panch’ denoting the number and ‘tatva’ the elements. these five elements are earth, water, fire, air, and sky, and taken together they make up the warp and weft of the cosmos. Each of these elements are connected to each other, and yet possess  their own embryonic energy. The all-new Hyundai Creta has been inspired by these five elements  and, to its competitors, is akin to a sixth element – a car so well packaged, it changes the paradigm. Like the first-generation Creta, Hyundai’s new SUV has proved to be enormously popular. Its popularity, of course, is not surprising, considering that it is perfectly equipped to take the legacy of the original Creta forward. If the first-generation Creta set the benchmark for an SUV, the all-new Creta takes it a step further. Now let’s take a look at how the science of engineering behind Hyundai’s champion SUV pays tribute to this ancient knowledge about the five elements; and how Hyundai’s engineers have forged the attributes of these five fundamental elements to create the ultimate SUV with a veritable super metal, or the sixth element.

Fire: The source of all energy


Fire represents energy in all its forms. It is the sun, it is light. Fire also denotes purity and sustenance. Fire is also a powerful force — just as the range of engines that can be found under the hood of the all-new Hyundai Creta. Customers can choose between five powertrain options, including a 115hp, 1.5-litre naturally aspirated petrol, a 115hp, 1.5-litre turbo-diesel and the 140hp, 1.4-litre direct-injection turbo-petrol. The former two are available with both manual and automatic options, and the turbo-petrol comes with a 7-speed DCT automatic gearbox. All of the new Creta’s engines have come in for much praise. The 1.5-litre diesel unit delivers solidity; the naturally aspirated petrol is an all-rounder in many ways, offering both mileage and performance, and the truly enthusiastic will love the turbo-petrol, which is a remarkably good performer. And it is only apt that it has been mated to the quick-shifting DCT automatic gearbox. Not only does this engine shine at low speeds, but it also gets it bang on at high speeds and high revs. Especially fun are the paddleshifters – a first in class – that deliver total control over the powertrain and enable the driver to exploit the tremendous potential of the engine. Fire also gives light, and Hyundai’s engineers have paid tribute to it through the all-new Creta’s LED headlamps with LED DRLs, a digital instrument cluster with drive modes, and ambient lighting, among many others.

Air: The force that sustains life


Without air, nothing would be possible. Air represents freedom as well as life. Three of the all-new Creta’s several class-leading features are connected to air. In a country which is largely warm for most part of the year, the ventilated seats add another dimension to comfort. The automatic air purifier too, is a feature that will be much appreciated by customers; in our cities especially. The air purifier, a feature rarely seen in cars in India, can be operated via touch controls, and customers can even toggle between models and check the filter. And the automatic climate control in the new Creta ensures proper circulation, air flow and air distribution inside the cabin.


These three features, of course, complement the raft of creature comforts the all-new Creta is packed with. It starts with auto headlamps, wireless phone charging, an auto-dimming rear view mirror, a powered driver’s seat, a tyre pressure monitor, an electronic parking brake, a powerful and a sophisticated Bose audio system.


Sky: Above and beyond everything else

Space is supposed to be the very first element in creation, and the blue dome under which everything rests. The sight of blue over us uplifts our spirits, and it is a special experience to be able to gaze at it when we are travelling. That is where Hyundai’s enormous panoramic sunroof comes in. It is a feature that is not too common in cars. Quite naturally, we reckon there will be several Creta fans out there who just won’t get enough of the panoramic sunroof – a feature that lets them behold the great blue dome over all of us. ‘Blue’ also reminds one of Hyundai’s Blue Link connected car tech that comes with its own smartwatch app. Several functions such as, for example,  ‘sunroofopen/close’ can be activated by simply saying ‘Hello Blue Link’. The smartwatch integrated Blue Link will also provide seamless access to other connected services such as engine start/stop, door lock/unlock, vehicle status information, auto healthy air purifier (in-car air quality information), and vehicle alerts (geo-fence, speed, time fence, valet, vehicle status and stolen vehicle) and owners can receive notifications via smartwatch.


The many forms of water

Flowing or still, water is as integral to existence as air. We are mostly made up of water, and it is around us in the form of the oceans, rivers, lakes and rain. It is life-giving, too. There is a lot that can be learnt from the smooth flow of water: from streams, creeks and rivers.


Hyundai’s engineers have done that, and you can experience the results once you drive the all new Creta. Right from the moment you step into the cabin to the time you exit it, everything around you is designed to ensure smooth going. The new Creta’s cabin has a classy black-and-beige interior theme, the compact steering wheel is equipped with controls for audio, telephony and cruise control. Features like a full-digital, 7.0-inch full-colour display in the instrument cluster and remote engine start take the game away from the rest of the SUV pack, delivering a stress-free experience inside the cabin. On the move, too, the all-new Creta is a study in smoothness. It feels very well put-together and is immensely stable at high speeds. The suspension absorbs everything our roads can throw at it and the handling of the car inspires great confidence.


Solid to its very core, like earth

The all-new Hyundai Creta is a robust car that makes one feel safe, irrespective of the terrain one is tackling. While it is equipped with a host of passive and active safety features, the SUV is also solid at its very core. 74.3 percent of the all-new Hyundai Creta’s bodyshell is made of advanced high-strength steel and, as importantly, it weighs just 297kg. The bodyshell is put together by over 650 industrial robots at Hyundai India’s plant near Chennai. What that means is stability and strength, which, alloyed with nimbleness, make the SUV in a league of one. 


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