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  • 8.0-inch touchscreen is intuitive and user-friendly
    8.0-inch touchscreen is intuitive and user-friendly
  • Rear AC vents and 12V socket come in handy.
    Rear AC vents and 12V socket come in handy.
  • Hyundai Aura is the only car in its segment to get wirele...
    Hyundai Aura is the only car in its segment to get wireless charging
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Sponsored feature: Hyundai Aura: Power of One

21st Jul 2020 2:50 pm

The Hyundai Aura turbo-petrol checks all the boxes and is a cracker of a car. Find out why.


The sun is integral to life on earth. If you removed it from the equation, nothing would exist. Ancient civilisations across the world divined this stark truth and the sun has been – and still is – worshipped across the world, from Mexico to Egypt to Peru, and of course, India. The Vedas, our ancient scriptures, saw the sun or Surya as the disperser of darkness, and as the creator and nourisher of mankind.

The Hyundai Aura’s roofline merges beautifully into the boot and leads into a cool little ducktail spoiler.

The sun features in our epics such as the Mahabharata, there are numerous sun temples in India, including in Konark, Lonar, Mothera, and even in Mumbai, in Bhuleshwar. And each year, in January, we pay obeisance to the sun during Makar Sankranti, which is when it enters the zodiac sign of Capricorn or Makar and which signifies the end of winter. The sun also, among others, signifies the power of one. Our home star powers, as it were, our world and the solar system; it is the provider of life-giving energy to plants, animals and humans; and even though it is about 152 million kilometres away from earth, it drives the entire world. Back home on earth, there is something else that signifies the power of one, and you will find it under the hood of the all-new Hyundai Aura.

Sporty, all-black finish on the grille is ace.

The sun shines bright

The sight of the rising or the setting sun is one to behold. It transfixes the observer, and denotes vibrance and positivity. And that is a lot like the Hyundai Aura’s design. The Aura is a perfect example of getting the proportions right – the hallmark of great automotive design – and that is among the many reasons it hits home with India’s millennials. The Aura’s front end is striking. The prominent cascading grille gets a classy satin grey surround trim and houses those double boomerang LED DRLs at the top, adding punch to its sporty stance. These are complemented by the sweptback halogen projector headlamps and the bonnet, which is marked by aggressive creases.

‘Turbo’ badge on the grille gets cool black surrounding accent.

At the back, the Aura is equally distinctive, what with those Z-shaped tail-lamp with LED tubes, and we expect that drivers of other cars will have enough and more time to admire them, as they trail Hyundai’s star sedan. One of the many ways to appreciate the Aura’s design is from the front three-quarter angle that presents the coupe-esque design of the sedan. Other noteworthy elements? The diamond-cut alloys, the chrome door handles and the blacked-out C-pillar that enhance the sense of ‘flow’ in the design.

Diamond-cut alloys add oomph to Aura’s looks.

Here comes the sun

The Surya Namaskar or sun salutation has been practiced in yoga since time immemorial. It recognises the fact that the sun is not just a source of external energy, but also internal. The practice of Surya Namaskar is said to awaken and circulate the sun’s healing power and contribute to both calmness in the mind and a robust immune system. In a sense, it is all about using the sun’s energy and being grateful for the same. A set of sun salutations can turbocharge your day. Talking of turbocharging, Hyundai has been a pioneer when it comes to turbocharged engines. You’ll find that option on all its core models, and Hyundai’s turbo-petrol versions are not meant to be halo models by any standards. These are meant for men and women who love the thrill of driving.

The 1.0-litre turbo-petrol is exceptionally quiet, and the turbo kicks in early, delivering a surge of power.

Quite naturally, the Aura, too, gets it own turbo-petrol engine. Now, make no mistake, the Aura also comes with the solid 1.2-litre KAPPA petrol as well as the robust 1.2-litre ECOTORQ diesel. Both these BS6-compliant engines are tried and tested, and have proved their mettle over the years. And the 100hp, 1.0-litre turbo-petrol or, the BS 6 1.0-litre Turbo GDI motor, as Hyundai calls it, is for people who are in a hurry to arrive. Enthusiasts will notice two things when they push the starter button in the Aura turbo-petrol and get a move on. One is that it is an exceptionally quiet engine, and two, its eagerness to move through the rev range. The engine delivers a fantastic surge of power, thanks to the turbo that kicks in pretty early at around 1,800rpm. As impressive is the wide power band that makes driving in both congested urban environments as well as the open highways a breeze.


And the good thing about the Aura turbo-petrol is that it never seems to run out of breath — you’ll love the way the power keeps coming in and that intimidating growl of the engine as the revs climb up. What contributes to the overall experience is the light clutch and gearbox combination. Don’t be surprised if this Hyundai becomes the enthusiast’s choice of car soon. What about fuel economy, you ask? Well, like the sun’s rays that travel long distances to reach earth, a full tank of fuel in the Aura turbo-petrol, which delivers 20.5kpl to a litre, can take you very far.

Lots of sunshine

To the naked eye, the sun appears to be no more than a huge, glowing orange disc, but, in reality, our home star is huge. It weighs about 3,33,000 times more than our blue plant and can fit 13,00,000 earths inside it. The Hyundai Aura cannot fit 13 lakh earths, but it can certainly roam the world seating five in great comfort. And that commodious 402-litre boot can fit in lots of luggage as well. Across models, the Aura’s cabin is a great place to find yourself in.


The turbo-petrol is adorned with an all-black interior theme with red inserts, and the seats, which are finished in black with red stitching, carry that theme forward. The seats at the front are wide and comfortable, and offer good lumbar support as well. At the rear, the Aura offers good amount of headroom and legroom, and angle of the backrest is just right. When it comes to features, the Aura turbo-petrol is a typical Hyundai – packed to the gills with features.

Hyundai Aura turbo-petrol’s all-black front seats are both, wide and supportive.

And these include a massive 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system with smartphone connectivity (Android Auto and Apple CarPlay) that syncs to an Arkamys Premium Sound system, a 5.3-inch MID screen, wireless phone charger, rear AC vents, a 12V charging socket for passengers at the rear, glovebox cooling, rear-view monitor, the iBlue system that allows users to control the stereo via an app, among other features.

Best-in-segment digital speedometer with multi-information display delivers details at a glance.

Plus, there’s Hyundai Motor India’s segment-leading Wonder Warranty that comes with an option of 3 years/100,000km or 4 years /50,000km or 5 years /40,000km, along with roadside assistance. But, knowing how reliable Hyundais are, chances are you’ll never need it.


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