Suzuki Access 125 drum brake CBS launched at Rs 56,667

Suzuki Access 125 drum brake CBS launched at Rs 56,667

4th Feb 2019 1:56 pm

The safety feature comes at an added cost of Rs 690.

Come April 1, 2019, all two-wheelers below 125cc will have to feature combined brakes as standard, while all machines above 125cc must have ABS. In line with the upcoming government deadline, Suzuki has now updated the base model of its popular scooter, the Access 125, with this feature. The non-CBS model will continue to be on sale for now.

Suzuki first equipped the Access with CBS in June 2018; but it was only available on the top disc-brake variant, which was priced at around Rs 4,000 more than the standard drum-brake-equipped model. Now, you can get CBS with the drum-brake Access 125 for Rs 56,667 ex-showroom Delhi – just Rs 690 over the standard drum model.

Combined brakes essentially link the rear brake to the front, so that when the rider pulls the rear brake lever some brake force is also sent to the front, significantly improving its braking performance. This is a good safety feature for new or inexperienced riders who are nervous about using the front brake.

Aside from the addition of CBS, the Access otherwise remains unchanged. It offers a 124cc single cylinder engine that produces 8.7hp and 10.2Nm of torque. The Suzuki Access 125 is the best-selling 125cc scooter in the Indian market.

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