Best automatic hatchback cars under Rs 6 lakh in India

11th May 2018 10:41 am

Want a small car with the convenience of an automatic transmission? Here are your best options on a budget.

1. Tata Tiago                     7/10

Tata Tiago AMT

An automated manual transmission adds a dose of convenience to the already likable Tiago. Like rivals, a manual mode and a creep function are standard on the AMT, though there’s also a ‘sport’ mode that helps performance to some degree. Sure, the Tata AMT system isn’t the slickest around but the Tiago’s cabin space, big car demeanour and genuine value do make it a great overall package for automatic buyers on a budget.
Tiago AMT prices:
Revotron XTA                   Rs 4.99 lakh
Revotron XZA                   Rs 5.59 lakh

2. Maruti Suzuki Celerio               7/10                    

Maruti Suzuki Celerio

The Celerio is the model that brought automatics to the masses with its AMT gearbox. And even years after launch, the Maruti is one of the nicer offerings around. The AMT gearbox is relatively smooth shifting, and gets a creep function as well. Of the other things, the Celerio’s cabin space is a highlight but the interior is a bit dull in look.   
Celerio AMT prices:
VXI AMT                             Rs 4.96 lakh
VXI AMT(O)                        Rs 5.11 lakh
ZXI AMT                             Rs 5.21 lakh

3. Maruti Suzuki WagonR            7/10

Maruti Suzuki WagonR

With its elevated seating position, compact dimensions and light controls, the WagonR makes for an easy car to drive. Add in a reasonably nice AMT and what you get is a great city runabout. Fuel economy is really good too, and family buyers will take keenly to the remarkable amount of space on offer in such a small footprint. However, the tall WagonR isn’t an ideal highway vehicle.
WagonR AMT prices:
VXI AMT                            Rs 4.92 lakh
VXI+ AMT                          Rs 5.20 lakh
VXI AMT (O)                      Rs 5.24 lakh
VXI+ AMT (O)                    Rs 5.39 lakh

4. Datsun Redigo                  6/10

Datsun Redigo AMT

Have a very tight budget but still want an auto? The Datsun Redigo AMT is perhaps your best bet. Based on the more powerful 1.0-litre Redigo, the Redigo AMT commendably gets a creep mode as well as a manual mode as you’d find on pricier automatics. Performance from engine and gearbox is fair for the money but the Redigo lacks frills in other areas and ends up feeling quite basic.  
Redigo AMT prices:
T (O)                    Rs 3.96 lakh
S                          Rs 4.06 lakh

5. Renault Kwid                    6/10         

Renault Kwid AMT

While the Kwid and Redigo mentioned above do share their powertrains, the automatic version of the Kwid makes do without a creep mode and doesn’t offer manual shifts either. In effect, you have to concentrate that little bit more when driving the Kwid AMT. While the driving experience isn’t up there with the best, the Kwid does lure with its cabin space and features such as a touchscreen and digital dials.
Kwid AMT prices:
RXL 1.0 AMT                     Rs 3.88 lakh
RXL 1.0 AMT (O)               Rs 4.35 lakh
Climber AMT                      Rs 4.60 lakh

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