Turbocharged petrol cars, SUVs for under Rs 10 lakh

Turbocharged petrol cars, SUVs for under Rs 10 lakh

25th Mar 2021 5:52 pm

Want a turbocharged petrol car with huge bang for your buck? Here are some options of interest.


Since the roll-out of BS6 emission norms, small-capacity turbo-petrol engines have proliferated in the Indian market, with several carmakers introducing these peppier engine options in their mass market line-ups. Compared to naturally aspirated units, turbo-petrols promise livelier performance along with good fuel economy. So, if you are in the market for a family car but want that bit of added performance, here’s a list of all the turbo-petrol cars on sale in India for under Rs 10 lakh, in order of starting price.

Volkswagen Polo

Out goes the old 1.2-litre TSI and in comes the new 1.0-litre TSI. The good news? The drop in displacement hasn’t been accompanied by a drop in power. The 1.0’s 110hp power figure is actually 5hp up on the old 1.2 TSI unit while peak torque is unchanged at 175Nm. A 6-speed manual is standard fit and you also have the option of a 6-speed torque converter (automatic). The Polo 1.0 TSI is entertaining to drive and feels well put together, though it isn’t as spacious as its premium hatchback rivals. Higher variants are also not the best-equipped for the price. The recently introduced TSI Turbo Edition brings down the asking price for the turbo-petrol Polo by Rs 1.35 lakh in comparison to the Highline Plus TSI making the hatchback the most affordable turbo-petrol currently on sale.

Volkswagen Polo Specifications
Engine1.0-litre turbo
Fuel efficiency ARAI18.24kpl/NA

Volkswagen Polo Sub-Rs 10 lakh variants
TSI Turbo EditionRs 6.99 lakh
Highline Plus TSIRs 8.34 lakh
Highline Plus TSI ATRs 9.45 lakh
GTRs 9.93 lakh

Tata Nexon

Tata’s compact SUV is currently the most affordable turbo-petrol compact SUV on sale in the country, with prices for the entry-level XE standing at Rs 7.10 lakh. The Nexon received a facelift early last year which also saw the turbo-petrol receive a 10hp power boost, along with an upgrade to BS6. The Nexon petrol’s new 120hp output makes it one of the most powerful options on this list. The compact SUV can be optioned with either a 6-speed manual or AMT (automatic) gearbox and is currently one of the most affordable cars to come with a factory fitted sunroof. As an added plus, the Tata Nexon is a Global NCAP-rated 5-star car.

Tata Nexon Specifications
Engine1.2-litre turbo
Fuel efficiency ARAI17.4/16kpl

Tata Nexon Sub-Rs 10 lakh variants
XERs 7.10 lakh
XMRs 7.99 lakh
XM(S)Rs 8.51 lakh
XMARs 8.59 lakh
XZRs 8.99 lakh
XMA(S)Rs 9.11 lakh
XZ+Rs 9.79 lakh

Renault Kiger

Renault’s push into the compact SUV space came with the aggressively priced Kiger compact SUV. The Kiger comes across as a fantastic value proposition, given its well-equipped and spacious cabin, responsive turbo-petrol engine and impressive ride quality. Buyers also get a choice of gearboxes – either a 5-speed manual or a CVT automatic. The Kiger is just edged out by the Nexon in terms of starting price, though one should keep in mind that the turbo-petrol Kiger is only available from the mid-spec RxL variant onwards.

Renault Kiger specifications
Engine1.0-litre turbo
Gearbox5-speed MT/CVT
Fuel efficiency ARAI20kpl/NA

Renault Kiger sub-Rs 10 lakh variants
RxL Turbo MTRs 7.14 lakh
RxT Turbo MTRs 7.60 lakh
RxZ Turbo MTRs 8.55 lakh
RxT Turbo CVTRs 8.60 lakh
RxZ Turbo CVTRs 9.55 lakh

Nissan Magnite


If you’re looking at something that’s value for money then the Nissan Magnite will definitely stand out. The Magnite is spacious, comfortable and well equipped. Its 100hp, 1.0-litre turbo-petrol engine offers brisk performance, regardless of whether the unit is paired with the manual or CVT gearbox. At its starting price of Rs 7.29 lakh, the Magnite is one of the most affordable turbo-petrols on sale – as with the Renault, the turbo-petrol is available from the mid-spec variants onwards. Even prices for the fully-loaded automatic fall under the Rs 10 lakh mark.

Nissan Magnite specifications
Engine1.0-litre turbo
Fuel efficiency ARAI 20/17.7kpl

Nissan Magnite Sub-Rs 10 lakh variants
XL Turbo MTRs 7.29 lakh
XV Turbo MTRs 7.98 lakh
XL Turbo CVTRs 8.19 lakh
XV Pre Turbo MT Rs 8.75 lakh
XV Pre(O) Turbo MTRs 8.85 lakh
XV Turbo CVTRs 8.88 lakh
XV Pre Turbo CVT Rs 9.65 lakh
XV Pre(O) Turbo CVT Rs 9.75 lakh

Tata Altroz


The Altroz iTurbo is a fair step up over its naturally aspirated sibling, as far as performance goes. However, the 1.2-litre, three-cylinder unit isn’t the most high-tech one around nor is it the most powerful. The iTurbo carries forward all the strengths of the standard Tata Altroz with its spacious cabin, well sorted ride and handling, and striking looks. Priced from Rs 7.73 lakh to Rs 8.85 lakh, it’s the most affordable turbo-petrol premium hatchback.

Tata Altroz specifications
Engine1.2-litre turbo
Fuel efficiency ARAI 18.13kpl

Tata Altroz sub-Rs 10 lakh variants
XT TurboRs 7.73 lakh
XZ TurboRs 8.45 lakh
XZ+ TurboRs 8.85 lakh

Skoda Rapid


With an aggressive starting price of Rs 7.79 lakh, the Skoda Rapid is a proper three-box midsize sedan for hatchback money. Despite the price, there’s been no stinting in the engine compartment, with the sole engine on offer – a 110hp, 1.0-litre direct-injection, turbo-petrol unit offering ample performance for a more entertaining drive. Gearbox options include a 6-speed manual or a torque converter automatic. The entry-level Rider and Rider Plus trims come across as good value for money though the sedan is now past its prime and not as well equipped as newer mid-sizers in the market. As ever, the Rapid’s strong build and practical nature hold appeal. Read our review here.

Skoda Rapid Specifications
Engine1.0-litre turbo
Fuel efficiency ARAI18.97/16.24kpl

Skoda Rapid Sub-Rs 10 lakh variants
RiderRs 7.79 lakh
Rider Plus Rs 8.19 lakh
Rider Plus AT Rs 9.69 lakh
AmbitionRs 9.99 lakh

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios


Hyundai has spiced up the well-packaged hatchback’s appeal by plonking in a 100hp turbo-petrol engine under its bonnet. The Grand i10 Nios Turbo’s power figure helps it achieve the title of quickest sub-Rs 10 lakh car in the 0-100kph sprint. What makes the little Hyundai’s case even stronger is its impressive ARAI fuel economy figure of 20.3kpl. Available only in mid-spec form, the Turbo is about Rs 1.23 lakh pricier than a comparable 1.2-litre petrol variant.

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Turbo: Specifications and price
Engine1.0-litre turbo
Fuel efficiency ARAI20.3kpl
Sportz variant priceRs 7.81 lakh

Mahindra XUV300


Powered by Mahindra’s first-ever turbo-petrol engine, the XUV300 gets its fundamentals right, and strikes the right balance between comfort and sportiness. The 1.2 petrol isn’t a high-revving engine, but it offers the most pulling power; its 200Nm figure is highest among cars on this list. The Mahindra XUV300 is the only car equipped with all-wheel disc brakes and you’d also be happy to know that it is the highest scoring, 5-star rated Indian car under per Global NCAP's safety test. Read our review here.

Mahindra XUV300 Specifications
Engine1.2-litre turbo
Fuel efficiency ARAI17kpl/NA

Mahindra XUV300 Sub-Rs 10 lakh variants
W4 MTRs 7.95 lakh
W6 MTRs 9.40 lakh
W6 AMTRs 9.95 lakh
W8 MTRs 9.99 lakh

Hyundai Venue


Venue ushered in Hyundai’s turbo-petrol push and today the 120hp, 1.0 Turbo GDI variant accounts for a major portion of the compact SUV’s total petrol volumes. Producing 120hp, the engine sure has the right headline number and can be had with three gearbox options. For Rs 10 lakh, you can get a Venue Turbo with a manual or iMT clutchless manual in the higher SX trim that gets a sunroof. For the dual-clutch automatic gearbox, though you will have to settle for the lower S trim. 

Hyundai Venue Specifications
Engine1.0-litre turbo
Fuel efficiency ARAI18.1/NA/18kpl

Hyundai Venue Sub-Rs 10 lakh variants
Turbo S MTRs 8.64 lakh
Turbo S DCTRs 9.68 lakh
Turbo SX MTRs 9.97 lakh
Turbo SX iMTRs 9.99 lakh

Hyundai Aura


Powered by the same 100hp engine as the Grand i10 Nios Turbo, the Aura is the only turbo-petrol compact sedan in the market. A derivative of the hatchback, the Aura shares most of the strengths and features of the Grand i10 Nios, but it goes a step further in practicality by offering a large 402-litre boot. The Turbo commands a premium of Rs 1.29 lakh over a comparable Aura 1.2-litre petrol SX variant. Read our review here.

Hyundai Aura Turbo: Specifications and price
Engine1.0-litre turbo
Fuel efficiency ARAINA
SX+ variant priceRs 8.66 lakh

Hyundai i20


Sharing its 1.0-litre T-GDi engine with the Venue, the Hyundai i20 turbo-petrol sits on the pricier end of the premium hatchback segment with just two variants under the Rs 10 lakh mark. The turbo-petrol offers strong performance, though at this price range it’s only available with the brand’s iMT clutchless manual gearbox which, while adding convenience for everyday use, doesn’t quite match up to the DCT-equipped model in terms of performance.

Hyundai i20 specifications
Engine1.0-litre turbo
Fuel efficiency ARAI 20kpl
Hyundai i20 sub-Rs 10 lakh variants
Sportz iMT Rs 8.80 lakh
Asta iMT Rs 9.90 lakh

Volkswagen Vento


The Volkswagen Vento uses the same TSI engine as the updated Polo and Rapid. Only two of the updated Vento’s six variants are priced under Rs 10 lakh, both of which come with 6-speed manual transmissions. Despite its decade-old underpinnings, the Vento remains one of the nicest cars to drive in its segment. As ever, it's solid build is what appeals to buyers.

Volkswagen Vento Specifications
Engine1.0-litre turbo
Gearbox6MT, 6AT
Fuel efficiency ARAI17.69kpl/NA

Volkswagen Vento Sub-Rs 10 lakh variants
TSI Turbo EditionRs 8.69 lakh
TrendlineRs 9.19 lakh
ComfortlineRs 9.99 lakh

Kia Sonet


The cousin to the Hyundai Venue, the Kia Sonet shares the same engines and platform as the former, though with its own distinctive design. The high-tech 120hp, 1.0-litre T-GDi engine offers strong performance, though within the Rs 10 lakh budget you can only have it with a 6-speed clutchless manual gearbox – there’s no conventional manual gearbox – with the DCT model priced over Rs 10 lakh.

Kia Sonet specifications
Engine1.0-litre turbo
Gearbox 6iMT
Fuel efficiency ARAI 18.3kpl
Kia Sonet sub-Rs 10 lakh variants
HTK+ iMT Rs 9.49 lakh
HTX iMT Rs 9.99 lakh

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