Mercedes suspends sale of E 350d in Germany

Mercedes suspends sale of E 350d in Germany

31st Aug 2017 12:43 pm

In order to improve emissions, Mercedes has decided to pull the E 350d from sale in Germany for re-engineering. India model unaffected


Mercedes-Benz has halted sales of its E 350d in Germany. The decision was delivered after confirming its intentions to re-engineer the turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 diesel model’s exhaust gas after-treatment system as part of a recertification process.

The new E 350d went on sale in the Germany in May, 2017 in both saloon and estate body types following the re-engineering of the previous model’s exhaust gas after-treatment system. The German brand now claims to have identified more changes required to its OM642 LS motor that will allow it to claim lower NOx emissions.

The changes to be made to the E 350d include fitting a larger SCR catalyst. “With corresponding changes to the injection process, this will allow the system to run more efficiently,” a Mercedes official with knowledge of the E 350d’s pending recertification told our sister publication, Autocar UK.

Adopting a larger SCR catalyst will provide a larger surface area for the atomisation of the AdBlue solution, which will increase its ability to neutralise NOx emissions. 

Mercedes has denied the allegations that it has been forced to fit a larger AdBlue tank to the diesel E350d as part of the changes. The recertified system is claimed to use the same amount of AdBlue solution with each injection of fuel, ensuring it will not be emptied between servicing intervals.

“It is the larger surface area of the new catalyst that is key to the efficiency gains,” says Autocar UK’s source.

The E 350d uses a 24.5-litre AdBlue tank, while larger models like the GLE 350d and GLS 350d have a 38.5-litre tank.

Mercedes will not confirm when the E 350d will go on sale again, but says the recertification should take “a few weeks”.

Mercedes-Benz sells the long wheelbase version of the E-class in India with three engine options – the 184hp, E 200 petrol, the 194hp, E 220d diesel and the same 258hp 3.0-litre V6 in the E 350d. 

This, however, does not affect the India-made E 350d at all, as it does not have an AdBLUE tank or an SCR catalyst. SCR (Selective catalytic reduction) and AdBLUE with Urea injection are necessary measures taken in Europe to meet stringent Euro-VI emissions standards. These are not required for the BS-IV emission norms currently in place in India. 

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