Triumph launches 2-year extended warranty

Triumph launches 2-year extended warranty

15th Feb 2019 2:40 pm

The optional extended transferable warranty can be availed across Triumph’s entire India line-up.

Triumph has just made a two-year extended warranty package available in the Indian market, across its entire range. This extended warranty can only be opted for if the bike is already covered under the company’s standard warranty – which is two years in most cases.

The extended warranty is quite impressive. It offers global coverage and limitless kilometres – while being transferable. This means that you can sell your motorcycle while it is in warranty, with its warranty. Triumph also claims that this will improve the resale value of the motorcycle; and we don’t have trouble believing it. A Triumph dealer told us that the extended warranty package will cover all the components that the standard warranty does.

We also learnt that the amount for the extended warranty will vary from model to model and depending on the age of the motorcycle. Triumph will charge lesser if the motorcycle is less than 90 days old and a little more if it is more than 90 days old and less than 730 days old. A two-year extended warranty for a Street Triple RS that is less than 90 days old, for instance, will cost around Rs 25,783. However, if it is 91-730 days old it will cost Rs 28,633.

In other news, Triumph also recently launched updated versions of the Street Twin (Rs 7.45 lakh) and Street Scrambler (Rs 8.55 lakh) in India.

All prices, ex-showroom India.

Warranty Fees
Model name0-90 days91-730 days
Street Twin/ Bonneville T100Rs 19,609Rs 21,576
Street Scrambler/T120/BobberRs 25,783Rs 28,633
Thruxton R/SpeedmasterRs 32,432Rs 35,825
Street Triple SRs 25,105Rs 27,683
Street Triple RSRs 25,783Rs 28,633
Tiger 800 familyRs 31,211Rs 34,604
Tiger 1200 XCxRs 48,852Rs 52,245
Tiger 1200 XCaRs 50,209Rs 53,602

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