Suzuki extends its two-wheeler service intervals and warranty periods

Suzuki extends its two-wheeler service intervals and warranty periods

3rd Jul 2019 1:31 pm

The service intervals have been revised for all bikes, while the warranty period of the big bikes has been extended.

Suzuki has issued a release informing service centres about changes in its service interval periods and warranty durations. For bikes upto 169cc – the Intruder, Gixxer and Gixxer SF – the service interval kilometres remain the same, but there has been an extension in the days. For example, the old schedule listed that the third free service to be done 210-225 days after the purchase of the vehicle. Meanwhile, the new schedule has this moved to between 240-255 days. Similarly the consequent free and paid services have been revised as well, as listed below:


The service schedule for the big bikes has seen a more significant change. Firstly, the warranty has been increased by 6,000km to 30,000km. Just like with the small bikes, the recommended period for a service has been moved forward as well. Apart from the days, the service interval has been revised from every 4,000km to every 6,000km after the first service, which remains the same 1,000km as before. The revised schedule is listed below:

The service intervals for the Gixxer 250 remain unchanged from what they were when the bike was launched earlier this year – every 5,000km after the first service at 1,000km.

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