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Hero Xtreme 200S: 5 things to know

7th May 2019 6:00 am

Styling, handling, performance, we discuss it all in our 5 things to know.

The newly-introduced Hero Xtreme 200S is essentially an Xtreme 200R with a full-fairing and slightly more equipment. Priced just below the Rs 1 lakh mark, Hero says it’s targeted at riders looking for ‘character and comfort’ in their daily city ride. Here are five things you need to know about this fully-faired bike:


It is not easy to execute the design for a low-capacity, fully-faired motorcycle; even more so when the designers can’t start from scratch. In the case of the 200S, they were tasked with styling a fairing that would work on the Xtreme 200R – a motorcycle that is not very large in its proportions, thus not giving the designers room to play around. However, we are happy to report that not only has Hero pulled off a design that is proportionate, but also quite unique.

The motorcycle has a full-LED headlight that stretches across the front-end and there’s a hint of a retro 80s Japanese superbike. The front end also has contrasting black-coloured areas towards the front, in the form of the black trim around the headlights and the smoked windscreen. There is a good amount of blacked-out areas towards the side as well and we found the fairing to be just the right size.

While the motorcycle remains similar to the 200R from the rear, it now gets a shorter exhaust, like the one on the XPulse T. The exhaust pairs nicely with the new bodywork, rather than the lengthier muffler from the 200R. Everything else on the Xtreme 200S remains the same as the Xtreme 200R.


This shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Xtreme 200S is easy to ride, thanks to what it is underneath the bodywork – an simple, city-friendly motorcycle. It uses the same 199.6cc, two-valve, air-cooled motor like the 200R, and only comes with a carburettor. The power and torque output figures stay at 18.4hp and 17.1Nm, respectively, and because kerb weight has gone up by just 2kg (now 149kg) the Xtreme 200S feels just like its naked sibling.

This gives an adequate spread of low-end torque and good tractability for city riding. Like its naked sibling, the handlebar (a conventional unit) isn’t too low-set and the pegs are comfortably rear-set. This, combined with the single seat, offers a stress-free riding position.


Luckily, the Xtreme 200S hasn’t lost any of the 200R’s dynamics. It offers the same amount of poise, agility and confidence. The fully-faired motorcycle has a quick turn with a decent amount of lean angle on offer. The MRF tyres also provide sufficient amounts of grip. The 276mm disc at the front and 220mm one at the rear both offer predictable, precise braking performance. The front brake lever feel is neutral and braking is neither too sharp, nor too sensitive – great for everyday usage. Like the naked-version, the 200S comes equipped with single-channel ABS.


We experienced the new Hero Xtreme 200S on a race track, and on the long straights there we had the throttle completely open in 5th gear without seeing anything above 115kph. On the road, one should manage an indicated top speed of about 120-125kph, given the time and space; however, the Xtreme 200S is clearly not a bike that excels at top-end performance.

The bike will chug along on the highway at moderate speeds, and will even offer slightly better wind protection than the 200R (thanks to its bodywork), but it cannot be considered an ideal highway machine.


At Rs 98,500, the 200S is Rs 7,600 more expensive than the Xtreme 200R (which, in turn, costs Rs 90,900). The additional money buys you the bodywork, a full-LED headlight and a TFT display, which is more than justifiable. The only two other fully-faired motorcycles close to the 200S is Suzuki’s 155cc Gixxer SF (Rs 98,076) and Yamaha’s YZF-R15 S (Rs 1.17 lakh). To see how all three compare on paper, read our specifications comparison.

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