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  • It comes with a 3-year/1,00,000km warranty for your peace...
    It comes with a 3-year/1,00,000km warranty for your peace of mind.
  • This is what the interiors of the Elite i20 feel like.
    This is what the interiors of the Elite i20 feel like.
  • You didn’t reach where you are by making compromises. Why...
    You didn’t reach where you are by making compromises. Why should your car?
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Sponsored feature: No Compromise

30th Apr 2019 4:00 pm

Here is why the Hyundai Elite i20 is the one car for all your needs.


Perhaps the saddest word in the English language is the word ‘compromise’. When you compromise, you are giving up a chance to be the best. Suppose you want to buy a three-bedroom house and have a budget for either a two-bedroom house in a great locality, or a three-bedroom house in a less-than-ideal part of town. You have to compromise on one front. If you make either of the choices, you will be dissatisfied, unhappy and sad. When you compromise, there are no winners.

After buying a house, the second-largest amount of money you will most probably spend is on a car. How do you buy a car without making a compromise? Here are some things you to look out for: Does the car compromise style for practicality? Does the car compromise performance for economy? Does the car compromise value for price?

The style statement

Now here’s a car that is not a compromise. The Hyundai Elite i20 is an exercise on how to build a car without compromising on anything. Take a look at the Hyundai Elite i20 and you will realise that this is a car designed to the highest standards of aesthetic sensibility. The proportions are spot on, the lines are organic and the stance, purposeful. Look closely at the details and you will find that it has been crafted with the meticulousness of a master craftsman. The cascading design of the front grille exhibits the same harmony as a Mondrian painting. The projector headlamps have LED DRLs with positioning and cornering lights that look like they were made at the Swarovski factory. The tail-lamps seem to have been designed by a Star Wars fan in love with the Millennium Falcon. The diamond-cut alloy wheels stand out like a Macaw in an aviary full of pigeons. This is a car that will stand proudly beside the Director’s limousine in the parking lot without being humbled.

Ergonomic and dynamic design meets convenience, comfort, and space.

In fact, the Hyundai punches above its weight. It’s packed with features that grace the upper echelons of the segment. For example, no car in this segment gives you a wireless charger or eco-coating technology. The rear camera with parking guidelines helps the driver back into tight spaces with millimetre accuracy and is the best you will find in this segment. Then there are features like the smart key with the engine start/stop button, to add to the ease. A fully automatic air-conditioner with rear vents make life on the road comfortable.

Speaking of the rear, the back seat is the ideal space to get your work done while the chauffeur takes care of the traffic. There’s even an armrest with cupholders, should you decide to pick up coffee at Starbucks, along the way. The long equipment list couldn’t have gotten much longer and the interior quality is pretty much at the top of the class.

Another great feature in this car is the Autolink app connectivity. The Autolink app allows you to monitor driving patterns, check vehicle health, get roadside assistance and make a service request. What then, does the Hyundai Elite i20 say about you? It says that you recognise great value despite the obfuscation of media, trends and tags. Plus, you don’t compromise. Isn’t that what has bought you so far in your career?

Get the party started

While you work hard on weekdays, you play harder on weekends. It’s time out with friends and family. The Hyundai Elite i20 makes no compromise when it’s your time out. Be it an evening out with friends or a weekend out with the family, this is the real Transformer, but without the shape-changing antics. Look closer at the large 7.0-inch screen at the centre of the dash. This is a touchscreen that’s the infotainment hub of the car. It’s compatible with both Apple and Android phones. It’s connected to Arkamys Sound Mood system that allows an elevation and a spatialisation of the sound within the vehicle cabin and provides a customised sound signature. So if you are an audiophile, this is your nirvana. It also plays your videos and understands voice commands. Why wait for the DJ to get your party started?

High-quality interior packed with equipment and features.

The best thing is that this does not come at the cost of practicality. Does a car with compact dimensions, to deal with the thrust and parry of city traffic, have to compromise on cabin space? The Hyundai Elite i20 proves that it need not be. It’s spacious enough to cocoon five XXL-sized passengers in complete comfort. Adding to the comfort is the suspension that’s tuned to make the passengers believe that our roads have improved drastically, without spoiling the fun for the driver. Take any seat in the car and you will discover yourself surrounded by thoughtful features. After all, you should not need a second or a third car for a long drive. The Hyundai Elite i20 is kitted out with thoughtful details to make life better on long drives. The doors can hold a standard one-litre water bottle. There are storages and cubby holders everywhere to safely stow away all your knick-knacks; sunglasses, phone, soda cans, et al. The generous boot swallows your luggage. Since no two people are built the same, the Hyundai Elite i20’s adjustable steering and driver’s seat helps the person behind the wheel find a comfortable driving position. If you are covering long distances, this is a very essential feature, since a more comfortable driver is a safer driver.

The power of safety

Speaking of safety, the Hyundai Elite i20 once again makes no compromises. It’s equipped with an armoury of active and passive safety systems. Due to the bumper to bumper traffic in the city, an accident usually results in dents and scratches, but an accident on our high-speed highways is a different matter altogether. The Hyundai Elite i20 comes with dual airbags and anti-lock braking system as standard across all variants. Hyundai will give you side curtain airbags, should you want them. Also standard are impact-sensing door unlock, speed-sensing auto door lock, power window with pinch guard and Isofix mounts to keep your little ones safe in their child seats.

The Hyundai Elite i20’s design is an eye-grabber.

We have left the best for the last. Is the Hyundai Elite i20 all show and no go? On the contrary. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Take the Hyundai Elite i20 for a drive and you will believe that this car is powered by the raging testosterone of a teenager. It’s actually powered by two excellent engines. The 1.2-litre Kappa Dual VTVT Petrol engine incorporates Dual variable timing valve train (dual VTVT) to offer optimum fuel efficiency and performance. With a maximum power of 83hp at 6,000rpm and a torque output of 115Nm, this is the engine for the driver high on revs. There is a manual 5-speed transmission mated to this engine. For those looking for an automatic, there is also a CVT transmission available with the petrol engine. For drivers looking for the torque, there is the 1.4-litre U2 CRDi Diesel. This is the most technologically advanced engine in the Hyundai diesel family and it is extremely refined. You will find it hard to tell that this is a diesel. With a maximum power of 90hp at 4,000rpm, torque output of 220Nm, and mated with a 6-speed manual gearbox, the engine has proven track record for its reliability, durability and powerful performance. This motor comes with a 6-speed manual transmission to maximise fuel efficiency. Here is proof that you don’t have to sacrifice performance for efficiency.

This is the most important paragraph in this feature. If you have read it this far, you have gone through 1,265 words – but don’t take our words at face value; not one. Go to a Hyundai showroom and test drive an Elite i20 for yourself. Take your time with it. Scrutinise it to the smallest possible detail and go out of your way to find fault in the car. At the very end of it all, if you feel that you are compromising somewhere, walk out. But rest assured, you will not.

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