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Mahindra Getaway 4x4 (old)

9th Sep 2009 7:00 am

The Getaway comes across as functional with good overall seat comfort, a large load area and proven mechanicals from the Scorpio


  • Make : Mahindra
  • Model : Getaway

The Getaway looks simply massive from any angle. The Mahindra pick-up’s towering height, hefty grille and fat 245/75R16 tyres give it a very imposing look. In some respects the Getaway looks identical to the Scorpio, especially from the front, and we wish Mahindra had given it its own distinctive identity. Under the skin, it comes with front torsion bar suspension, a rear leafs and 4WD, with a ‘shift-on-the-fly’ operation. Alloy wheels don't comes as standard and they can be fetched at Rs 25,500.

You need a certain athletic ability to haul yourself into the lofty environs of this pick-up. Just like in an SUV, you sit nice and high which is an intrinsic part of the appeal. But the Getaway doesn’t feel very fresh. It’s essentially the over-familiar Scorpio inside but that’s no bad thing. It feels well put together though, with decent plastics and switchgear. There are plenty of cubbyholes which make the Getaway practical on the inside.

Jump into the rear seats of the pick-up and the lack of room comes as a bit of a shock though. You really do expect a lot more space and comfort, given the super-tanker dimensions. But the Getaway still manages to afford some amount of comfort in the rear, with good underthigh support and sufficient legroom. There’s also an air-con vent for rear passengers. However they will have to contend with the slightly bumpy rear ride.
And in terms of carrying load, this Mahindra pick-up has a big bed which is fairly deep and wide. It is very practical and functional.

The Getaway requires a somewhat measured approach and the higher centre of gravity makes it rock from side to side.  The stiffly-sprung Getaway can skip over bumps, and this skittish rear end requires one to be more careful. The steering, carried over from the Scorpio, is lighter but offers far less feel,
Load up the rear with around 200kg and the ride settles down remarkably. The choppiness in the rear subsides and that pogo effect, especially when you hit a speedbreaker or a sharp pothole, is less severe.

Stray away from tarmac onto a dirt track and the Getaway comes into its own, especially if the going gets slippery. The stiff suspension, high seating, lighter steering, and snub nose all combine to make it a convincing package for off-road use.

The Getaway’s off-road credentials are highlighted by the four-wheel-drive selector switch that is prominently located on the centre console, just behind the gear lever. It’s easy to use. On off-road trails, the Getaway is easy to manoeuvre and the grunt from the 2.6 CRDe motor can pull it out of most situations. One thing you have to watch out for in town is the Getaway’s sheer length. That long rear overhang needs extra caution especially when reversing into tight spaces.

Mahindra Getaway 4x4 (old)
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