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Harley-Davidson developing autonomous braking tech

6th Aug 2018 8:00 am

Emergency Autonomous Braking System will assist the rider in emergency braking scenarios.

Harley-Davidson has been in the news for all the right reasons this week. Soon after announcing a major shift in its direction for the future, Harley has applied for a patent for a new autonomous braking assistance technology. According to the patent filed, the new safety system, which will be part of Harley's upcoming models, is called ‘Emergency Autonomous Braking System’. The system uses sensors to identify and decide if the rider is physically and mentally prepared for panic braking during an emergency situation. Sensors are placed on the handgrips, saddle, footpegs, instrument panel and even inside the helmet.

Based on the data relayed by the sensors, the Emergency Autonomous Braking System will evaluate if the rider can respond to the emergency situation or whether it should take over. Before the autonomous braking system takes over, the turn indicators will start flashing to alert the rider. If the rider doesn’t respond, the system will automatically slow down the motorcycle by actuating the brakes. The patent adds that the system will also assist an alert rider facing a panic braking scenario by applying additional braking pressure.

With this patent, Harley joins numerous other manufacturers working on future solutions to boost motorcycle safety. Ducati is developing a radar-based safety system that will be part of its bikes by 2020. KTM is working on an Adaptive Cruise Control and Blind Spot Detection system and even did a demonstration run in May. German firm Bosch also showcased a new motorcycle safety system that uses gas thrusters to prevent slides while cornering.

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