Best affordable ABS-equipped motorcycles in India

Best affordable ABS-equipped motorcycles in India

3rd Aug 2018 3:22 pm

Safety technology in motorcycles doesn’t have to come at a price. We bring you the top 10 affordable bikes with ABS priced under Rs 2 lakh.

Anti-lock braking system or ABS is a potentially life-saving feature, and one that we have found to be a vital feature in India, thanks to our bad roads, poorly planned infrastructure and terrible traffic behaviour. The good news is that we have seen an increasing number of smaller-capacity bikes equipped with ABS this year, due to the government’s mandate on making it compulsory on all two-wheelers above 125cc launched after April 1, 2018. All existing two-wheelers above 125cc engine displacement will have to be sold with ABS starting from April 1, 2019.

But if you don’t want to wait that long, here’s a list of the most affordable ABS-equipped motorcycles available in the market under Rs 2 lakh (ex-showroom):

1. Suzuki Gixxer

Price - Rs 87,250
We had brought you exclusive pictures of the Suzuki Gixxer ABS, before it was launched at Rs 87,250. This makes it the cheapest ABS-equipped motorcycle in the country. However, like the Hornet and the NS, the Gixxer only gets single-channel ABS. It features a slightly more sporty riding position than the Hornet, and handles sharply. The 155cc motor in the Gixxer puts out 14.8hp and 14Nm of torque – slightly less than the Hornet’s numbers, but power delivery is peppy.

2. Hero Xtreme 200R

Price - Rs 88,000 (ex-showroom, Siliguri)
Missing the top spot by a small margin is the new Hero Xtreme 200R. The latest offering from Hero MotoCorp has been priced at Rs 88,000 (ex-showroom, Siliguri). Currently, 200cc bike is only available in four states in India, but Hero did mention that sales across the country will commence soon. The bike employs a single-channel ABS system and is the only motorcycle on the list to offer ABS as standard fitment.

3. Honda CB Hornet 160R

Price - Rs 91,143
The CB Hornet is a somewhat sporty commuter bike that sits a segment below the earlier motorcycles on this list. And unlike the TVS bikes, the Hornet comes only with single-channel ABS (front only). It offers a comfortable, upright riding position, and a large seat. The Hornet puts out 15.7hp and 14.5Nm of torque from its 162.7cc engine – adequate numbers for this class of motorcycle.

4. TVS Apache RTR 180

Price - Rs 94,542
The Apache RTR 180 is the cheapest motorcycle in India to get dual-channel ABS and RLP. The Apache gets a 177.4cc engine, putting out 16.62hp and 15.5Nm of torque. While it is the most affordable dual-channel motorcycle here, it does feel dated in this company, with dual shock absorbers at the rear (compared to the monoshocks on all other bikes on this list), and a relatively basic instrument cluster.

5. Suzuki Gixxer SF

Price - Rs 96,386 (carburettor)
The Suzuki Gixxer SF is the fully faired version of the popular Gixxer and was the first locally manufactured offering from the Japanese two-wheeler giant to feature ABS as an option. Like its siblings, the Gixxer SF also features a single-channel ABS unit. Apart from the sporty styling, the Gixxer SF is identical to the Gixxer with respect to frame, suspension and braking hardware. The Gixxer SF is also the most affordable full-faired motorcycle on sale in India, and unlike its naked sibling, buyers also have the option to opt for carburettor or fuel injection. 

6. Suzuki Intruder

Price - Rs 99,995 (carburettor)
The Suzuki Intruder is the only cruiser offering on this list. While its quirky styling is a love-it-or-hate-it affair, the fact that the Intruder is available with ABS as a standard fitment is a laudable move by Suzuki. In fact, this is the only bike on this list that features ABS as standard. Similar to the Suzuki Gixxer and Gixxer SF, the Intruder also features a single-channel ABS unit and is offered in two variants – carburettor and fuel injection. The Intruder shares its engine with the Gixxer, but has a few differences in terms of sprocket sizes and the air intake. Power and torque figures stand at 14.8hp and 14Nm, respectively. If you’re looking for a comfortable, affordable and easy to ride cruiser with ABS, the Intruder is the bike for you. 

7. TVS Apache RTR 200 4V Race Edition 2.0

Price - Rs 1,10,530 (ABS and Carburettor)
The RTR 200 gets dual-channel ABS (acting on both wheels) along with Rear Wheel Lift-Off Protection (RLP), meaning that the bike will not do a stoppie, no matter how hard you apply the front brake. The bike gets a slipper clutch as standard and Pirelli tyres as an option. It is also available in a fuel-injected (FI) version. The RTR 200’s 197.75cc engine is air- and oil-cooled, and puts out 20.5hp (Carburettor) and 21hp (FI), and 18.1Nm of torque. This quick motorcycle, while being safe, is also great value for money.

8. Bajaj Pulsar NS200

Price - Rs 1,12,179
The Pulsar NS200 is among the most powerful bikes here – making 23.5hp from its 199.5cc liquid-cooled engine – and it manages this despite using a carburettor. However, unlike the cheaper TVS bikes on the list, it only gets single-channel ABS. As is the case with the RS200, the ABS option on the NS200 comes at a high price, costing a premium of Rs 12,000 over the standard NS200.

9. Bajaj Pulsar RS200

Price - Rs 1,38,387
The Pulsar RS200 was the first full-faired offering from Bajaj and also the first motorcycle from the Chakan based two-wheeler manufacturer to feature ABS as an option. The ABS system is a single-channel unit, similar to the Pulsar NS200. This means that the ABS prevents only the front wheel and not the rear from locking during braking. While its eccentric styling might not appeal to all, what will grab your attention is the 24.5hp power and 18.6Nm torque from its fuel-injected mill. The Pulsar RS200 makes sense for buyers looking for a sportier Pulsar with better wind protection when compared to the NS200. The ABS option on the RS200 comes at a premium of Rs 11,904. This is quite steep as the dual-channel system on Dominar comes for a premium of Rs 14,161.

10. Bajaj Dominar 400

Price - Rs 1,62,074
The flagship motorcycle from Bajaj Auto comes equipped with dual-channel ABS as an option. The Dominar 400 is the third most affordable dual-channel ABS motorcycle on sale in India, but at this point, there is a large gap of almost Rs 50,000 between it and the next most affordable bike on this list with dual-channel ABS. We’d love to see that price gap reduce as more products start to get ABS in due time. According to Bajaj, over 80 percent of the Dominar 400s sold have been the ABS variants, which is a positive trend and a good sign that more and more two-wheeler riders are appreciating the value of this technology and don’t mind paying the premium that it demands. The Dominar uses a heavily re-tuned version of the KTM 390 Duke’s engine and produces 35hp and 35Nm of torque. 

(All prices are ex-showroom, Delhi)

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