• Its Superbody Structure gives the new Verna superior hand...
    Its Superbody Structure gives the new Verna superior handling.
  • The Smart Trunk knows when you need hands-free access to ...
    The Smart Trunk knows when you need hands-free access to the boot.
  • The Verna’s ventilated seats will cool you down on the ho...
    The Verna’s ventilated seats will cool you down on the hottest of days.
  • The Verna’s superior NVH levels create a calm, quiet cabin.
    The Verna’s superior NVH levels create a calm, quiet cabin.
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Sponsored feature: Hyundai Verna: Features Overloaded

2nd Feb 2018 10:17 am

The new Hyundai Verna comes loaded with segment-first features that put it in a class of its own.


1. Smart Trunk

If you’ve ever walked up to the boot of your car with your hands full of bags, packages and other odds and ends, you know how annoying it can be to have to reach into your pocket for your keys to unlock the boot – probably dropping half your goods on the ground. Lucky for you, the new Verna knows when you need some help. Just stand in front of the boot with the key fob in your pocket. The Verna will recognise you and pop the trunk open, automatically. Isn’t it nice to be understood?

2. Ventilated Seats

The new Verna comes with segment-first ventilated front seats. India, as we are well-aware, features brutally hot summers, the heat of which is felt no matter where you are. Even more so, in the cabin of a car. The glasshouse of any car traps the heat in, causing a dramatic increase in cabin temperatures. While air conditioning does make a huge difference, the driver and passengers’ backs, flush with the seat, get little respite. This is where ventilated seats come in – featuring hundreds of tiny vents, the seats blow cooled air onto the back of the driver and front passenger. The Verna’s ventilated seats come with three blower settings to help you cool down; or just keep that sweat stain off the back of your shirt.

3. Superbody Structure

The new Verna is built on the Superbody Structure – a platform that utilises advanced high-strength steel in the car’s construction to empower it with a higher level of structural rigidity and provide the driver with better feedback. The Superbody Structure also permits a finer tuning of suspension components. This, in turn, improves the Verna’s cornering ability and handling characteristics. Whether you are behind the wheel or relaxing in the backseat, the Superbody Structure will have your journey well-covered.

4. NVH Levels

The new Verna has been designed to dramatically improve cabin insulation. Our cities make for loud environments, with noise sources ranging from construction sounds and honking to general commotion and vehicular noise. The Verna uses a variety of techniques and materials in its construction in order to cut out as much noise as possible, ensuring that your journey is quiet, calm, refreshing and comfortable.

5. Eco Coating Technology

A car’s AC coils deal with the sort of air that one can hardly label as ‘clean’. The growth of harmful bacteria is, thus, inevitable. Usually, the car’s air conditioning system will just send this bacteria and all its associated peril and odour straight through into the cabin. The new Verna, however, comes with an eco coating technology that breaks down the bad bacteria developed in the air conditioner’s coils. As a result, the air is odour-free and fresh, ensuring the passengers have a safe and comfortable journey.

6. Hyundai Auto Link

The new Verna is a connected car. Once you are a part of the Hyundai Auto Link universe, a smartphone app will provide you a host of real-time data and alerts – including vehicle health, driving information, a summary of driving habits, driving history, information and tips related to eco driving – as well as access to Hyundai’s Road Side Assistance service – no matter when and where the need arises. 

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