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Branded Content: Magnetic Wonder

9th Feb 2021 11:09 am

Dream Big. Look no further than the bold and charismatic Nissan Magnite.


It defies logic, to be shooting an SUV with a phone when you have a professional photographer by your side to do exactly that. But can you really be blamed? Just one fleeting glimpse of the new Nissan Magnite is enough to drop your jaw to the floor. It’s got the sharpest lines, an irresistibly handsome face and an overall stance that screams out its sporty intentions, all put together in a distinct design package that effortlessly stands out in a sea of ordinary SUVs. With it presenting such an arresting visual on this fine winter’s morning, who can help but whip out a smartphone and have a go at photography?

That Magnite’s got lines that blend in seamlessly with all that’s urban and cool.

Speaking of smartphones, it’s perhaps time to make an honest admission – the hardcore tech enthusiasts of today have been spoilt rotten by how convenient and feature-rich mobile phones have become over time. Today’s smartphones have evolved so much, they can do absolutely anything you can imagine – like respond to voice commands, help you navigate in any part of the world, shoot professional-grade films and, certainly, take fantastic photos, even if you aren’t skilled in the subject. On balance, it can be said that it’s impossible to get a bad photograph of a Magnite – that’s how impressively styled it is!

Sleek LED Bi-projector headlights add an aggressive glint to the Magnite’s front.

Coming back to the point, though, do you recollect a time not long ago when your backpack was crammed with all sorts of bulky devices? You had one device for listening to music, another to shoot photos with and, in later years, one which allowed you to make some phone calls… but at exorbitant prices! Today, that’s no longer the case, and thankfully so. All it takes is a 6.0-inch slab with a touchscreen on one side, a bunch of cameras on the other, and you have the world at your fingertips. Cars, on the other hand, have been around for monumentally longer but they haven’t evolved as much. Or so you’d have believed, until the Nissan Magnite came along.

Stylish LED tail-lights add muscle to the Magnite’s design.

Now, that may seem like a strong statement, but a quick look over your shoulder goes on to prove its accuracy. Even in just the recent past, it was considered conventional for a fast car to not be efficient, or for a feature-loaded car to not be affordable – or vice versa – until legendary Japanese carmaker Nissan brought the Magnite SUV along and revolutionised the rules of the value game. Much like some of the most iconic performance cars the world has ever witnessed – the GT-R being most prominent – the Magnite SUV represents everything Nissan has stood for, making it a global icon among enthusiasts. With terrific engineering, impeccable quality and an overall approach that’s remarkably owner-centric, the Magnite has raised the bar for its segment in a way that hasn’t been done before. That it looks absolutely smashing only seals the deal for the Magnite – that’s stating the obvious – but beneath its funky skin lies an inherently dependable structure and it’s unsurprising that it earned a 4-star safety rating in the ASEAN NCAP tests. How’s that for being extraordinary?

Well-appointed cabin scores high on premiumness, space and comfort.

Since its launch in India, the Magnite has created quite a storm with its phenomenal packaging. Not only does it present terrific value in its own class – undoubtedly, the most competitive segment in the country right now – it has turned the tables on even non-SUV segments with how temptingly priced it is despite being enviably feature-packed! As a result of this, it’s you who now get the chance to dream big and upgrade from a sea of uninspiring hatchbacks and sedans, and from SUVs to a significantly better SUV. In smartphone speak, this is exactly the approach that revolutionised the devices we hold on to so dearly today. Would you have believed anyone, say, 10 years ago, if they said you could create professional quality content using just your mobile phone’s camera?

The 8.0-inch touchscreen is terrific to use even on the move.

Oh, that reminds us, the Magnite has not one, but four cameras, which give you a complete view of your surroundings. This, along with a 360-degree Around View monitor that combines the view from the four cameras to form a brilliant display within the 8.0-inch touchscreen, makes parking an absolute breeze, no matter how tight a spot you want to fit it into. And while the screens on our smartphones have gotten really big, they’re no match for the Magnite, which has not one, but two! Yes, it’s got a 7.0-inch TFT instrument screen packed with all the relevant driving information you’ll ever need and the aforementioned 8.0-inch infotainment touchscreen, which is superbly finished and is a delight to operate. That’s not all! The Magnite spoils you absolutely silly with thoughtful features such as automatic climate control, steering-mounted controls, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and, since we keep bringing up smartphones so often, a well-designed and positioned wireless charging pad as well, which accommodates a 6.4-inch phone with ease.

A neatly integrated wireless charger adds a whole lot of convenience and value.

Look beyond its long list of features and you are presented with a very well-appointed interior that’s rich with quality trim and tasteful textures all across. The airy cabin comes with a heavy sense of premiumness and durability, and whether you choose to drive it or be driven around, the Magnite’s interior is something you just can’t get enough of. Space is never at a premium in the Magnite, and with exceptional room at the rear and seats that are comfort-oriented, complemented by the soothing ride quality, the Magnite makes travel, even if over an urban commute, an absolutely pleasurable experience.

Unlike a smartphone, however, the Magnite can take you places – and how! With that stonking 1.0-litre turbo-petrol engine that produces a wholesome 100hp, an option of either a 5-speed manual or a 6-speed X-Tronic automatic gearbox, the Magnite offers a truly energising driving experience that’s both, fun and efficient, making it as delightful in the city as it is out on the highway. Refinement is top-notch, too, and with effortless responsiveness, you’ll be tempted to drive the Magnite anywhere and everywhere. Adding that extra dose of excitement is the Sport mode, which sharpens the Magnite’s character noticeably, and you even get goodies like traction control, ABS with EBD and cruise control! Here’s where the tech freak within you is going to concede to the Magnite, because a similarly loaded smartphone, no matter how good, tends to get overwhelmed with all the multitasking expected of it, but the Magnite? It’s amazingly upbeat and makes for a beautiful experience through its styling, safety and, of course, its best-in-class technology.

Ice cool 16-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels surely up the Magnite’s ‘wow!’ factor.

More importantly, where the Magnite goes above and beyond vehicles across segments is in how cool, versatile and practical it is, while offering tremendous value. With technology designed to make life on the road truly enjoyable, comfortable, smart and safe, the Magnite packs a rock-solid punch that’s never been seen before, especially not with its unbelievable price range that starts at a shocking Rs 5.49 lakh! Ready to make a bold choice that establishes your identity, then?

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