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Buying a BS4 car

29th Nov 2019 2:00 pm

Should I buy a BS4 car or do I wait for a BS6 model and will there be any restrictions on the former after four or five years?


I want to buy a new car as there are discounts available due to the sales of BS4 cars stopping in March 2020. Should I buy a BS4 car or wait for a BS6 model? Will there be any kind of government restrictions on BS4 cars after four to five years?
Ravi, Delhi
There’s no doubt that BS4 cars will be cheaper than BS6 models, which will come with expensive hardware to meet the new emission standards. If you are getting a good deal, then go for a BS4 vehicle; it theoretically will have better fuel economy and performance. The government has also clarified that there will be no premature ban on BS4 cars and they will be legal as long as their registration is valid. 
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