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Old City or new?

14th Feb 2014 5:50 pm

Buy the new Honda City or the previous model on which dealer is giving a Rs 40,000 discount?


I want to upgrade from my Swift VXi (March, 2010), and am thinking of the Honda City. My average run is 800-1000km/month, with occasional outstation trips. Do you recommend a diesel? Also, should I wait for the new model or does buying the older one on a discount of Rs 40,000 seem to be a good option?
Gautam Thakkar, via email
AAA The new Honda City, which has just been launched and goes on sale early next year, is the one we recommend and it’s worth stretching your budget for. The petrol version will be more affordable than the diesel and, given your monthly running, makes more sense. The new City will, like most Hondas, promise a superb ownership experience. Stocks of the old City are more or less exhausted and it would be hard to find one now. However, even if you did, it’s much better to go in for the all-new model.
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