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Sump Bump

19th Sep 2014 2:15 pm

Wants to know if the VW Polo is prone to scraping its underbody over bumps?


I’m thinking of buying the new VW Polo, but have heard that there are problems with the fuel tank, which tends to get damaged easily due to bumps. How true is this? 
Ajinkya, Bhopal
AAA The Polo 1.2 diesel had a low sump which was prone to getting damaged. This is because the counter balancing shafts used in the three-cylinder 1.2 diesel engine required a taller crankcase, which in effect lowered the sump. In the new Polo, which comes with a four-cylinder 1.5 diesel engine, you shouldn’t have such problems since the sump is higher and hence less likely to get damaged.
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