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Waiting for the Skoda Kushaq

30th Mar 2021 12:00 pm

Should you wait for the Skoda Kushaq or buy the Skoda Rapid right now?


I am confused if I should purchase the Skoda Rapid now or wait for a month and purchase the Kushaq, seeing that it might be more spacious and with modern features. I have a family of four and all of them are tall. I want a petrol-automatic and need good luggage space as well. Also, would you suggest the Kushaq 1.0 or the 1.5?

Madhav Shroff, Mumbai

Between the two, there is no doubt that the Skoda Kushaq will be better than the Rapid, which is now 10 years old. As you said, the Kushaq is more spacious and comes with the latest tech and for a family of four tall people, there is enough room. The 1.5 DCT is obviously more powerful and feels quite effortless but we were surprised by the 1.0 which didn’t feel underpowered. So if you don’t need a surplus of power the Skoda Kushaq 1.0 does the job quite well.


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