• The Toyota Concept-i with AI tech.
    The Toyota Concept-i with AI tech.
  • From left to right: The Concept-i Ride, Concept-i Walk an...
    From left to right: The Concept-i Ride, Concept-i Walk and the Concept-i.
  • The two-seat Concept-i Ride.
    The two-seat Concept-i Ride.
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Toyota Concept-i features AI tech due on roads from 2020

22nd Oct 2017 7:00 am

Toyota’s autonomous Concept-i EV showcases the potential of AI systems before they are integrated in productions-spec models.


Toyota has announced that it will begin integrating artificial intelligence into its road-going cars from 2020 and has previewed the technology on the Concept-i model, which will make an appearance at the 2017 Tokyo motor show.

The AI on the four-seat concept will be able to assess the passenger’s wellbeing, mood and personal preferences, before adjusting how it operates to better suit them.

The Japanese brand claims that the ability of the car to automatically adjust the way it drives in autonomous mode and control the AC unit to suit passenger preferences can reduce fatigue and improve overall well-being.

Toyota plans to test the AI system for road-going models by the start of 2020, indicating that the technology could trickle down into product ion-spec models sometime after.

The manufacturer will also showcase the two-seat Concept-i Ride, which is 2500mm long and 1300mm wide and the three-wheeled Concept-i Walk model, which can be used on pavements, alongside the AI autonomous Concept-i.

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