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Yamaha EC-05 electric scooter revealed

18th Jun 2019 6:00 am

The Japanese giant's electric scooter with Gogoro is slated to go on sale in Taiwan in August 2019.

A few days ago, Yamaha revealed its new electric scooter that was formed as a result of its partnership with Taiwanese company Gogoro. Dubbed the Yamaha EC-05, the scooter features a design by Yamaha and Gogoro's powertrain.

While the bodywork on the EC-05 looks simple and understated, the LED lights on it stand out with a unique oval design. Like its bodywork, the dark matte-blue colour scheme the scooter was revealed in also looks subdued. Being a modern-day electric two-wheeler, the EC-05 is bound to be feature-rich. The fully-digital instrument cluster, disc brakes and alloy wheels are standard segment features; however, the keyless start-up function seen in the video Yamaha released for the scooter is not. The scooter switches its lights on and makes a sound as the rider approaches it, which we believe it does by sensing the key-fob that the rider has with him.

Gogoro, the company that Yamaha has a tie-up with for the EC-05, is a well-known Taiwanese electric-scooter company. It has a large network of over 1,000 charging stations and already has multiple scooter offerings on offer.

Like its own scooters, the scooter it has developed with Yamaha will also use a swappable battery system. The EC-05 is also expected to come equipped with two batteries like Gogoro’s other models; and interestingly, like the 22 KYMCO iFlow that is set to be launched in India.

The Yamaha EC-05 is slated to go on sale in Taiwan in August 2019.

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