More Ducati models to get V4 engines

More Ducati models to get V4 engines

9th Aug 2018 4:57 pm

The Italian bike maker is working on smaller and more affordable V4 engines for upcoming models.

In a recent interview with MCN, Ducati CEO, Claudio Domenicali was quoted saying that there will surely be more V4-powered Ducatis and went on to praise the V4 motor and gearbox. Based on this remark and our previous conversations with the brand, we believe that Ducati will offer some of its more expensive models with a V4 engine. Regardless, it will not completely diverge from its roots and will continue to have many L-twin-powered (it’s a 90-degree V) bikes on offer.

“There will be more V4s for sure. This engine is wonderful; and actually, it is a very strong platform – it is solid. It is obviously very light but the gearbox, the clutch and the engine cases have been built strong. In due time, our top-of-the-range bikes will go this direction,” said Domenicali. While speaking about the new engine, he was quoted saying, “We don’t think that we want to just take this engine and apply it as it is. The new motor will be one that will be based on this technology but will be much more tuned for longer distance and lower maintenance cost – and this is where we will focus our development. It’s taking time because we want to be right, but this is where we are going."

Ducati V4 engine

Domenicali’s words clearly state that Ducati is working on a significantly reworked V4 motor for other applications. We may see lesser power figures from the upcoming V4 but will get improved fuel-efficiency and longevity in return. The engine will also likely be tuned differently for each motorcycle it will be used in. For example, if it were something along the lines of the next-gen Multistrada to get a V4, we would most definitely see a lower power figure than on the Panigale, but with a higher torque output. The engine will also be slightly lower-revving and make most of its power much lower in the rev range than on the Panigale V4. Similarly, if the motor were to go into say the next-gen Monster 1100, it would be tuned to suit its sport-naked characteristics. This is not something new, as Ducati’s L-twins from the previous range-topping superbikes were quite different in nature to those used in machines like the Multistrada and Diavel.

However, Ducati has always been known for its L-twin engine layout and their unique nature and exhaust note is well-loved among aficionados – which is why we believe the manufacturer won’t be abandoning this engine layout anytime soon. Ducati will continue making L-twin sports bikes for the years to come and the next-gen baby Panigale (next-gen 959) could continue to be powered by a L-twin. That said, Ducati could even make a more-affordable V4-powered Panigale model while the twin could be carried forward by the likes of the SuperSport.

Another contradicting possibility could be the SuperSport model line-up going the V4 way. Domenicali did say that Ducati is working to tune the engine to cover longer distance and lower maintenance costs; this would fit the nature of the SuperSport models just right. This is just speculation, though, and we will have to wait for either spy images or an announcement from Ducati, itself. Don’t expect to see any new V4 powered motorcycles from Ducati for a while, apart from the 1,000cc Panigale V4 R being built primarily for racing.

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