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Honda Accord V6 (old)

30th Sep 2009 7:00 am

Here is a car which is semi-sensible and semi-lunatic


  • Make : Honda
  • Model : Accord

The new chiseled look is a huge improvement over the soft contours and generic lines of the older model. The thick nose and larger dimensions make it look more grown up, but it's the edginess in the styling that really characterises the new Accord.

The trapezoidal grille, the sharply-cut and raked headlights and the flared fenders with the wheels puffing out of them make the older Accord look puny in comparison. A prominent crease that extends across the sides adds to the new Accord's muscular stance and taut looks but it's the rear that Honda, after years of tryinh, has finally got right.

On the outside, there’s little to distinguish it from the 2.4 — the 17-inch wheels, the twin-exhaust pipes and the V6 badge are the difference. It’s available in this Inspire variant and a regular variant that deletes the skirts and that ritzy grille. 

The interiors are similar to the old V6, the biggest change being the extra wood trim on the steering wheel and the dashboard. The multi-layered dashboard flows into the door-pads in one seamless sweep. The steering wheel, with its metal spokes, looks quite techie and the shifter is a sleeker unit as well. The centre console has the same V-shape of the older car but the layout is completely different. However, the sea of buttons that surround the big solitary knob can be quite daunting. 

Five large-sized adults can sit comfortable in a way no other car in this class can match. The front seats are huge and wide, with generous support, but in some places there is too much of it. Lumbar support, irrespective of the setting, is a touch too firm and the seats would have been perfect it this was softer. The rear seats are phenomenally comfy and outdo even the E-class.

Not only are there masses of head and legroom but the seating position is superb. Equipment levels are similar (the V6 notably gets a Vehicle Stability Assist program), so in effect, you pay extra for that brilliant engine.

You’ll appreciate the space, the soft and absorbent ride, the light, variable ratio steering and the refined engine – things that the typical Accord owner demands. But then again, the V6 is not for the typical Accord owner.

If anything, the performance is too strong. This Honda motor, as usual, is generations ahead of the chassis it is mounted in. There’s just too much performance on tap for this chassis to handle. The massive accelerating, cornering and braking forces easily overwhelm the chassis and suspension and, as a result, the car seldom feels secure and totally at ease with the pace.

The problem lies in the soft suspension, which seems to be set up for the American market where the Accord is hugely popular. For this reason, it’s a bit of a boat around corners. Push hard and the nose washes wide when you attack a turn. Still, considering that a full 270bhp is going to the front wheels, there’s not much torque-steer to battle with when you put the power down.

It does come to a stop in a respectable 26 metres but we found that after repeated hard use of the brakes, the brake pedal starts juddering. Honda says it is because of the sudden rise in temperatures that makes the discs heat up unevenly. The juddering disappears when the brakes cool down, so it’s only a temporary irritant.

Honda Accord V6 (old)
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