Tata Revotron 1.2T versus rivals, engine comparison
The Tata Revotron 1.2T has a displacement of 1193cc.

Tata Revotron 1.2T versus rivals, engine comparison

21st Jan 2014 3:24 pm

Tata Motors’ new Revotron 1.2 turbo-petrol engine is here, but how does it stack up against existing crop of 1.2-litre petrol engines in the market?


Tata Motors has just announced its new petrol engine family, dubbed Revotron, and the first engine to bear this new name – the 1.2T. This 1,193cc, four-cylinder, turbocharged, MPFI engine, Tata claims, is the first indigenously engineered motor of its kind. It uses drive-by-wire technology, features multiple drive modes and has a cast iron block for better refinement.

Now, because of the government provision that allows excise benefits to sub-four-metre cars with engines less than 1200cc in capacity, there are a lot of 1.2-litre petrol engines in the small car segments in India that the new Tata Revotron will have to compete with. So, just how does it stack up, spec for spec, against them?

The number that people first tend to look at is the maximum power figure, and with a turbocharged 83.8bhp on tap, the Revotron is certainly a big step up over the old naturally aspirated, 64bhp, 1.2 Xeta engine from the Tata Indica. This figure even bests the 1.2-litre petrol engines of the Toyota Etios Liva (79bhp), Ford Figo (70bhp), Fiat Punto (67bhp), Nissan Micra, Micra Active and Renault Pulse (75bhp), the three-cylinder VW Polo (74bhp) and the Hyundai Grand i10 (81.8bhp, so only just). But then, the naturally aspirated 1.2-litre engines of the Maruti Swift, Ritz and Dzire (85.8bhp), the Chevrolet Sail (84.8bhp) and the Honda Brio and Amaze (88bhp) produce even more power. The difference lies in how easily this power is accessed, and while the Revotron 1.2T’s power comes in at just 5,000rpm, you have to rev any of the other engines for at least another 1,000rpm before they output their maximum power.

The less noticed but arguably more significant performance figure in the real world is the torque output, and here’s where Tata’s new engine has the others beaten. It produces a meaty 14.3kgm from as low as 1,750rpm to 3,500rpm. The average max torque the naturally aspirated engines on this list produce is about 11kgm, and you have to rev most of them all the way to about 4,000rpm to reach it. However, it’s worth noting that Maruti’s K12 engine, Hyundai’s Kappa2 engine and Honda’s i-VTEC engine all use Variable Valve Timing (VVT), and this does help responsiveness a great deal.

Now, the obvious elephant in the room is the only other 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engine that powers a compact car in India, and that’s VW’s brilliant 1.2 TSI. This four-cylinder, direct injection engine has the Tata Revotron 1.2T beaten on specification, producing 103bhp at a similar 5,000rpm, and a massive 17.84kgm of torque between 1,500 and 4,100rpm. There’s also Ford’s exceptional 1.0-litre three-cylinder EcoBoost turbo-petrol in the EcoSport, which has an even higher power output.

Ultimately, these are all just numbers, and only a first drive of this engine in its eventual host cars will reveal how successful Tata has been with its first in-house turbo-petrol engine. The price of these cars will also be telling, as all the technology that has gone into making this engine will surely have been costly, and some of this will undoubtedly be passed on to the customer. But then Tata Motors is known for delivering ‘more car per car’, so there’s a good chance the cars that carry the Revotron 1.2T turbo-petrol engine will be priced very competitively.

Tata Revotron 1.2T

1,193cc, 4 cyl, turbo

83.8bhp at 5,000rpm

14.3kgm at 1,750-3,500rpm.

Tata Xeta 1.2

1,193cc, 4 cyl

64bhp at 5,000rpm

10.2kgm at 2,600rpm

Maruti K12

1,197cc, 4 cyl, VVT

85.8bhp at 6,000rpm

11.6kgm at 4,000rpm

VW 1.2 TSI

1,197cc, 4 cyl, direct injection, turbo

103bhp at 5,000rpm

17.84kgm at 1,500-4,100rpm.

VW 1.2

1,198cc, 3 cyl

74bhp at 5,400rpm

11.2kgm at 3,750rpm

Hyundai 1.2 Kappa2

1,197cc, 4 cyl, VVT

81.8bhp at 6,000rpm

11.6kgm at 4,000rpm

Honda 1.2 i-VTEC

1,198cc, 4 cyl, VVT

88bhp at 6,000rpm

11.1kgm at 4,600rpm

Toyota 1.2

1,197cc, 4 cyl

79bhp at 5,600rpm

10.6kgm at 3,100rpm

Chevrolet 1.2

1,199cc, 4 cyl

84.8bhp at 6,000rpm

11.5kgm at 5,000rpm

Fiat 1.2 FIRE

1,172cc, 4 cyl

67bhp at 6,000rpm

9.76kgm at 4,400rpm

Ford 1.2 Duratec

1,196cc, 4 cyl

70bhp at 6,250rpm

10.4kgm at 4,000rpm

Nissan 1.2

1,198cc, 3 cyl

75bhp at 6,000rpm

10.6kgm at 4,000rpm

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