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Suzuki e-Survivor unveiled at Tokyo

26th Oct 2017 7:00 am

Suzuki’s small, open-top concept previews future SUVs.


The ongoing Tokyo motor show saw Suzuki take the wraps off the e-Survivor concept, a small, rugged, convertible SUV.

The concept SUV is a bit longer and wider than the Jimny SUV and is powered by four electric motors mounted in each wheels, providing four-wheel-drive.

Suzuki has designed the concept to be a serious off-roader, indicated by the high ground clearance, huge wheel arches with rugged tyres and the almost nonexistent overhangs. The Japanese brand claims that it has been constructed using lightweight materials to further enhance its go-anywhere ability.

In some ways, the concept is reminiscent of the X-90, with its open top and the two seat layout, though Suzuki claims that it has also been inspired by the Jimny and Vitara.

The cabin features a spherical display that shows the car and its immediate environs. Sensors mounted on the SUV are thought to relay this information to the screen, though the manufacturer has yet to reveal this detail.

Two additional screens, one of the steering and one on the lower part of the windshield, come with integrated augmented reality demonstrations of the outside world in front of the car.

Like the upcoming Jimny, the e-Survivor is based on a ladder frame chassis; although Suzuki claims that the model could be pitched at a market up to 100 years into the future.

Despite the projections for the future, the concept also featured a steering wheel and proper driver controls, suggesting that Suzuki believes that fully-autonomous tech will not be introduced in this segment.

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