GST Impact: Honda City, BR-V, CR-V prices hiked

GST Impact: Honda City, BR-V, CR-V prices hiked

14th Sep 2017 6:18 pm

All three models see a price hike in the range of Rs 7,003 to Rs 89,069, depending on variant; no price hike for BR-V petrol S manual, diesel E manual variants.


Honda today announced a hike in prices of its popular City sedan as well as the BR-V SUV and CR-V SUV. The Japanese carmaker is the latest manufacturer after Toyota to pass on the impact of the additional cess on mid-size, large cars and SUVs to car buyers.

Effective from September 11, the increase in prices of the petrol City is in the range of Rs 7,003 to Rs 18,713, depending on variant, and the diesel City in the range of Rs 14,951 to Rs 18,791 (all prices, ex-showroom, Delhi). 

The BR-V petrol is dearer by Rs 12,490 to Rs 16,994 and prices of the diesel variants have increased by Rs 15,631 to Rs 18,242. However, the petrol S manual and the diesel E manual variant of the BR-V do not see a hike in prices.

Coming to the CR-V, the SUV sees the highest price hike among the three models in the range of Rs 75,304 to Rs 89,069.

The GST Council raised the additional cess on mid-size vehicles by 2 to 17 percent, on large vehicles by 5 to 20 percent, and on SUVs by 7 to 22 percent. Under the original rate, large vehicles and SUVs attracted a cess of 15 percent over the flat rate of 28 percent.

As a result of the hike in cess, the total tax incident on mid-size, large cars and SUVs now stands at 45 percent, 48 percent and 50 percent, respectively. Small cars and hybrids, however, were spared from the cess hike. Other carmakers are likely to follow suit and announce a price hike for their models.

Post-GST prices
Model and variantNew priceOld priceDifference
City S MT (P)Rs 8.58 lakhRs 8.46 lakhRs 11,836
City SV MT (P)Rs 9.61 lakhRs 9.48 lakhRs 13,258
City V MT (P)Rs 10 lakhRs 9.93 lakhRs 7,003
City V CVT (P)Rs 11.59 lakhRs 11.43 lakhRs 15,993
City VX MT (P)Rs 11.70 lakhRs 11.54 lakhRs 16,143
City VX CVT (P)Rs 12.89 lakhRs 12.71 lakhRs 17,784
City ZX CVT (P)Rs 13.57 lakhRs 13.38 lakhRs 18,713
City SV MT (D) Rs 10.83 lakhRs 10.69 lakhRs 14,951
City V MT (D) Rs 11.63 lakhRs 11.47 lakhRs 16,043
City VX MT (D) Rs 12.92 lakhRs 12.75 lakhRs 17,834
City ZX MT (D) Rs 13.62 lakhRs 13.43 lakhRs 18,791
BR-V E MT (P)Rs 9.05 lakhRs 8.93 lakhRs 12,490
BR-V S MT (P)Rs 10 lakhRs 10 lakhnil
BR-V V MT (P)Rs 11.24 lakhRs 11.09 lakhRs 15,507
BR-V VX MT (P)Rs 12.17 lakhRs 12.00 lakhRs 16,790
BR-V V CVT (P)Rs 12.31 lakhRs 12.15 lakhRs 16,994
BR-V E MT (D)Rs 10 lakhRs 10 lakhnil
BR-V S MT (D)Rs 11.33 lakhRs 11.17 lakhRs 15,631
BR-V V MT (D)Rs 12.19 lakhRs 12.01 lakhRs 16,810
BR-V VX MT (D)Rs 13.22 lakhRs 13.04 lakhRs 18,242
CR-V 2.0 RVI-I MT (P)Rs 22.29 lakhRs 21.53 lakhRs 75,304
CR-V 2.0 RVI-I AT (P)Rs 24.07 lakhRs 23.26 lakhRs 81,332
CR-V 2.4 RVSI-I AT (P)Rs 26.36 lakhRs 25.47 lakhRs 89,069

All prices ex-showroom, Delhi.

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