Lambretta G-Special e-scooter to debut at Auto Expo 2020

Lambretta G-Special e-scooter to debut at Auto Expo 2020

7th Nov 2019 10:57 am

G325 concept features a steel monocoque chassis with interchangeable side panels.

The fact that Lambretta will be returning to India in 2020 isn’t recent news, and its plan to do so with an electric model was announced way back in 2018. Now, at EICMA in Milan, the Italian scooter brand revealed its new flagship model concept – the G325 Special. It also mentioned that the G-Special electric scooter will be revealed in India at the Auto Expo, indicating that it could share its design with this new concept’s platform.

The G325 features a steel monocoque with interchangeable side panels, and a “full rider interface”, which seems like jargon for a smart digital instrument cluster. Lambretta says the G325 also feature a Lambretta logo shaped light integrated with the foot board that automatically ignites as the rider approaches the scooter. From the image, we can see that the G325 stays true to Lambretta’s design language, with long swooping lines and large body panels. However, there are some modern touches like the integrated turn indicators, LED headlight and an interesting air-intake snout above the front fender. The concept has also been equipped with J Juan disc brakes at both ends.

The electric Lambretta for India was not the only major news announced in 2018. Innocenti, Lambretta International's parent company, also reported that it was looking at setting up an assembly plant in or around Mumbai. According to the company, the plant will provide the Indian market with 'original Lambretta products' and will operate as a production hub for surrounding countries and Africa. Yesterday, at EICMA, it also revealed that it’s focusing on electric scooters and motorcycles, and also on investing in technology that uses hydrogen as fuel.

Not much else is known about what the electric Lambretta offers, and it will be another year or more before a production-ready model sees the light of day. When it does, things will certainly get interesting in the growing premium electric scooter market in the country.

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