Honda develops climate-controlled bike seat

Honda develops climate-controlled bike seat

8th Apr 2019 11:17 am

The temperature-controlled seat will most likely make its way to the company’s sport-touring and cruiser models.

Climate-controlled seats are found in almost every premium car today. In fact, due the high demand they are in, they are making their way to more affordable models as well. Now, a leaked patent application reveals that Honda thinks it’s time for bikes to also get the much-loved feature.

Not only does the patent image reveal that the climate controlled seat is being readied, but a document also confirms it’s already been designed and successfully tested. The image further reveals that the temperature on the seat can be adjusted from the switchgear on the handlebar.

While the motorcycle used in the patent application appears to be a previous-gen CBR1000RR, Honda will be able to adapt the tech to any bike. The company appears to have a duct running underneath the fuel tank to the seat, which we believe will pipe the warm or cool air.

What the patent application also suggests is that the bike will use a revised seat material, which will be made of a plastic-mesh material to allow air to flow through it while still being resistant to the elements. The company has carried out wind-tunnel tests as well, where the seat reached ‘target’ temperatures.

All that’s left to know is when Honda will debut its new seat and on what motorcycle. The Japanese manufacturer can be expected to offer this tech with its 2020 Gold Wing, among other long-distance models. Though the tech’s added weight makes it highly unlikely, Honda could even surprise us by offering it with a few of its sportier models.


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