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Akrapovic initiates robot rider in tests

9th Aug 2018 12:45 pm

The Slovenian exhaust manufacturer now has a robotic rider designed for mileage accumulation.

Renowned exhaust-system manufacturer Akrapovič now has a robotic rider that it will use on its ‘durability dyno’. The company say that the robot rider will work in tandem with a dynamometer; this set-up will be used to carry out mileage accumulation under various controlled conditions. Akrapovič claims that the new high-tech combination of robot and dyno will provide them with improved testing services that will help with advanced exhaust-system development.

So far, all durability tests being carried out by the brand have been on either the road or the race track. The newly introduced set-up will now allow the company to carry out mileage accumulation under various controlled conditions. To put it simply: the new set-up will allow them to monitor parameters like power, temperatures, backpressure and a lot more – all in real time. The autonomous dyno also has its own automated fuelling system that will fuel the bike when needed and allow for extended runs. Impressively, the testing facility can replicate real-world wind speeds of up to 200kph.

Akrapovič has stated that regular on-road and track testing will continue, because the brand values the impression from a real rider to get the true sensation of its exhausts right.

We would suggest you watch the video of the robot man in action, because that being said – it looks like a scene straight out of a sci-fi movie.

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