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TVS Apache RR 310 aftermarket exhaust system by Akrapovic now available

15th Jul 2018 10:00 am

This exhaust for the G 310 R also fits on the TVS RR 310; should provide an additional 2.4hp and 2.7Nm of torque.

You can now buy an Akrapovic Racing Line full system exhaust designed for the BMW G 310 R for your TVS Apache RR 310. This exhaust claims a power bump of 2.4hp and 2.7Nm of torque on the BMW and the gains should be similar on the TVS. Additionally, the bike will also shed over 4kg thanks to the lighter materials being used. Akrapovic is one of the best known brands in the world for high-end exhaust systems and, like the rest of its products, this one doesn’t come cheap. This carbon-fibre exhaust you see in the photos retails for Rs 55,000 (inclusive of taxes) at the Performance Racing Store in Mumbai.

This exhaust system is the same unit as the one made for the BMW G 310 R and G 310 GS. This doesn’t come as a surprise since they essentially share the same motor. The RR 310 with the stock exhaust makes 34hp and 27.3Nm of torque and this system should take the figures upto 36.4hp and 30Nm. Performance Racing Store states that the exhaust system doesn’t require an ECU remap.

On a related note, we also recently rode TVS’ new RR 310 Cup race bike which was equipped with an aftermarket free flow exhaust. TVS claims that along with modifications made to the air intake and ECU the race bike gains four more horses, taking the total to a respectable 38hp. Read more about it here.

Disclaimer: Akrapovic has not officially tested this product on the Apache RR 310 yet, but the TVS and BMW are platform siblings and mechanically very similar.

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