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2019 Honda CB300R accessories price list revealed

26th Mar 2019 1:16 pm

The prices for Honda accessories start at Rs 341 and go all the way up to Rs 15,009.

Honda is offering a number of accessories with the recently-launched CB300R. Prices for these accessories range from Rs 341 for an air-valve cap to Rs 15,009 for a Kitaco under guard. These accessories can be purchased individually or in the four-kit format Honda is offering them in; namely Premium, Protection, Sports and Standard.

The Premium kit is the most affordable one, at Rs 15,517 – even though its name may suggest otherwise. It includes accessories that are more style-based, like different bar-ends, brake reservoir caps, air-valve caps and more. Meanwhile, the Protection kit is priced at Rs 35,895 and includes components like a crankcase cover, radiator guard, headlight mask and a Kitaco under guard.

The Sports kit, on the other hand, features a radiator guard, headlight mask and a Kitaco short rear fender for a total of Rs 16,662. Lastly, the Standard kit, priced at Rs 16,666, comes with the radiator guard and the Kitaco under guard.

Here is how the accessories are priced individually:

Honda CB300R accessories price list
Part namePrice
Crank case coverRs 13,431
Radiator coverRs 5,137
Kitaco under guardRs 15,009
H2C washer setRs 3,497
Kit fuel lid padRs 1,980
Handle grip weightRs 3,168
Oil brake capRs 1,824
Oil brake cap rearRs 1,780
Handle bar clampsRs 3,168
Frame bolt LRRs 2,371
G Kraft headlight mask blackRs 7,898
Kitaco short rear fender blackRs 7,112
Oil filler cap blackRs 2,337
Rear service stand H2CRs 8,818
Air valve capRs 341
Bike body coverRs 999

Honda’s CB300R has also begun reaching the 22 Wing World dealerships across India. Here is a picture of it at Bimal Honda in Guwahati.



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