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2018 TVS Apache RR 310 long term review, final report

7th Jan 2019 6:00 am

The flagship Apache exits the Autocar garage after an eventful 6,000km run.

With the monsoons making a retreat, the Apache RR 310 finally managed to escape the urban jungle it was trapped in over the past few months. Another incentive for the long-delayed ride was to experience the new Apollo tyres we had on test. So just short of having to return the bike, I’m glad I managed to clock a long ride – something this bike is rather good at.

I was particularly impressed by the suspension setup of the flagship Apache as it faced the monsoon-ravaged roads of Mumbai effortlessly. Even at highway speeds, the bike felt compliant and composed over broken surfaces and mild undulations. We’ve always felt that the RR’s handling could improve with better tyres – and we were proven right; the Apollo Alpha H1s I had on the RR 310 let me carry high corner speed with more confidence. Since most of my commute has been under streetlights, I wasn’t able to satisfyingly rate the performance of the bi-LED projector headlights and so I purposely delayed my return journey to ride in the dark. The LED headlights offer good throw and spread at low beam, but I think the high beam could have been stronger. Overall, the Apache RR 310 is a good touring option, if you can ignore the engine vibes.

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BRIGHT OF WAY: The LED headlight does a good job for a stock unit. High beam could have been stronger, though.

As I had mentioned in past reports, vibrations have been an issue during my daily commute. And as expected, at triple-digit speeds, the buzz in the handlebar, tank and foot pegs gets even more pronounced. This is irksome, as the engine has more grunt in reserve but owing to the vibes and gruff-sounding engine, you invariably lower cruising speeds. In my last report, I had also mentioned that the gearshift action had become hard, and while a visit to the service centre did improve shift quality, there’s still room for improvement.

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CRANKY NATURE: On some occasions you have to thumb the starter multiple times for the motor to come to life.

The Apache RR 310 has been returning between 28-32kpl in the city over the past few months. During the highway run, the bike clocked 30kpl, which with its 11-litre tank capacity should result in a real-world range of 300km, which is respectable. The sporty but comfortable riding position and the generous saddle allows you to clock long hours without complaining. Also, the aerodynamically shaped fairing does well to keep windblast at bay. However, the small rear seat and lack of grab rails make the RR 310 unfriendly for a pillion.

Despite being parked in an open parking lot for the entire monsoon season, there weren’t any rust spots on the bike, and none of the panels started rattling, and that speaks highly of the bike’s quality.

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WRONG FOOTING: The rider’s heel often ends up touching the exhaust shield, which is a bit irritating.

So after riding the bike for over 6,000km, do we recommend the Apache RR 310? Yes, if you’re looking for an attractive, comfortable supersport that is easy to live with; as long as you’re willing to deal with the vibey motor and high spare parts cost. Despite these shortcomings, the flagship Apache did impress me.

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Fact File
Distance covered 6,187km
Price when new 2.23 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi)
Test economy 30kpl
Maintenance costs None
Faults None
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