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Buying used: (2015-2018) Honda Jazz

10th Aug 2018 11:50 am

The Jazz is a spacious, practical and reliable hatchback. We tell you what to look for before buying a used example.


GOOD FOR: Spacious interiors, everyday drivability

LOOK OUT FOR: Suspension wear, jammed handbrake

It’s been three years since Honda launched the refreshed Jazz. Since then, however, the model received only one single update in 2017, called the ‘Privilege Edition’. Based on the V variant, it gets additional equipment like a bigger touchscreen with MirrorLink and card-based navigation, and rear parking sensors. The used car market has a decent number of listings and the prices are tempting as well. An example that has covered under 20,000km and of the top-spec VX trim can be found for Rs 6 lakh, which is quite a bargain given that a new one costs Rs 2 lakh more. Also, if you’re looking for an automatic for the city, there are CVT variants listed for around the same price as well. The Jazz is powered by a 1.2-litre petrol engine that makes 90hp, and is mated to either a five-speed manual transmission or a seven-step CVT. In terms of efficiency, you can expect anywhere between 12.3kpl and 16.9kpl in the city and on the highway, respectively, with the CVT. Other running costs include a basic service every 10,000km that will set you back by Rs 3,000, and a major service every 20,000km that’ll cost you around Rs 6,000. However, considering the cars are just about three years old, a lot of them will be available with the factory warranty. Honda also has a seven-year extended warranty programme, so if you’re planning to keep the Jazz for more than three years, it is advised to get this package. Overall, the Jazz is a reliable car, so there aren’t many niggles and issues with it. That said, while buying a used one, make sure to look for the following points.

Honda Jazz engine

Check the suspension as a few owners have complained of early wear. While on a test drive, take the car over a rough patch and pay attention to any sounds coming from the suspension. If the linkages are worn out, it’s an inexpensive fix, but a complete suspension replacement will cost around Rs 10,000. Check for any humming sound from the engine as well, as this could mean that the idler pulley bearing is worn out. This damage usually happens when the car has been driven through waterlogged roads. A new idler will cost Rs 2,500. A few customers have also reported difficulty in engaging the parking brake. Check if the lever is easy to engage and if the car holds on a slope. If it doesn’t, there’s an issue with the parking cable. On automatic variants, watch out for jerkiness while shifting, or shuddering from the gearbox. This can be solved simply by replacing the transmission fluid, but get a trusted mechanic to have a look at it first.

Lastly, check the brake pads, the condition of the clutch and body panels for damage. Spare parts aren’t too expensive and are easily available. Also, go for the V or VX as these offer more equipment for almost the same price as the lower trims. There are more perks to buying the old Jazz  – it looks near-identical to the facelift that’s on sale, and you can bargain hard for a good deal.


Buyer beware…

Suspension wear
Prone to early wear, check for a stiff ride or a noise from the suspension while driving over a bad patch of road.

Honda Jazz suspension

Parking brake lever
Try engaging the parking brake. If the lever is jammed or difficult to engage, it could be due to a faulty brake cable.

CVT transmission
Not prone to wear, but look for jerky shifts. Changing the gearbox fluid might help with this. That said, when it comes to mechanical problems like these, it is best to get it checked by a trusted mechanic.

Honda Jazz handbrake

Also worth knowing

If the engine makes a humming noise, it is due to a worn-out idler pulley bearing. This is common in cars that have been driven through flooded areas, so keep an eye out for that.

How much to spend

Rs 5.5 to 6 lakh
The Jazz is still a relatively fresh car. The model in the used market is pretty similar to the one in the showroom, with just some feature and equipment differences, so expect prices to be close to the showroom cost. However, a proper scouting can lead you to low-mileage examples that cost Rs 2 lakh less. Also, look for the top two variants – V and VX – as they offer a lot more for the money. 

Years produced2015-2018
Price when newFrom Rs 5.30 lakh
Engine4 cyls, 1199cc
Top speed172kph
Economy 12.3/16.9kpl (City/Highway)

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