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Youngtimers are back on April 22

16th Apr 2018 1:04 pm

Powered by Autocar, Shaman Wheels to promote awareness on the preservation and maintenance, investing and collecting of classics and youngtimers.


Shaman Youngtimers are back, with the first meet of 2018 scheduled for April 22, 2018, where Autocar India’s Perseus Bandrawalla will be conducting a session on what makes youngtimers special and collectible. The interactive session will cover topics on how to go about buying your one-time dream car, and detailed disccusions on maintaining and restoring them.

Youngtimers and modern classics are rapidly gaining popularity worldwide and fast appreciating in value. Shaman Wheels, Mumbai, has taken a lead in initiating an awareness and educational forum to promote the preservation and maintenance, and to encourage investing in and collecting classics and youngtimers.

There are no fees for the workshop and those interested in attending can register for the same via a WhatsApp message or SMS on +91-9619890305.

A large audience of enthusiasts who own, or aspire to own, cars from the 80s and 90s attend these events. Amar Sheth, managing director of Group Shaman says, "There is an incredible amount of passion that owners of these 'Youngtimer' cars have, and we at Shaman Mercedes are happy to support them in getting to know these cars better, and help with keeping them going many years to come."

Group Shaman launched its Shaman Youngtimers initiative in 2017 to engage and help owners of youngtimer cars that are from the 1980s and 90s. Shaman Wheels continues to step up its support for youngtimers with a special 50 percent discount on labour charges, and discounted rates for painting these cars giving them a new lease of life.

For registrations, contact Mr. Stavan on +91-9619890305.

Time – 10.00am
VenueShaman Mercedes-Benz Service Centre, Churchgate, Mumbai

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