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New Nissan Leaf Nismo revealed

21st Jul 2018 6:00 am

Based on the second-gen Leaf, the Nismo-badged EV gets a number of performance upgrades, signalling its more focused intentions.


Showcased as a concept in October last year, the performance-oriented version of the Nissan Leaf has been revealed. The Leaf Nismo is a based on the second-gen Leaf that was revealed globally in September 2018.

The powertrain of the Nismo-badged EV is the same 40kWh battery pack providing energy to an alternating current synchronous electric motor as the standard model, although a custom tuning computer that is meant to deliver better performance has been fitted. Expect the Leaf Nismo to significantly outdo the standard model's 0-100kph time of 7.9 seconds. 

Advanced tech such as the e-Pedal (which reduces brake usage) and the ProPilot and ProPilot Park autonomous driving functions will be carried over from the stock Leaf.

In terms of design, it features the characteristic layered double wings of the Nismo road car series that is meant to improve downforce without compromising drag coefficient. The model’s performance-based intentions are further accentuated by the low centre of gravity and custom 18-inch aluminium wheels that minimise air resistance. Additionally, the 18-inch alloy wheels that are shod in grippy Continental ContiSportContact 5 tyres, different dampers and an altered electronic stability control system, all are meant to provide a balance between a comfortable ride and stable handling. Its custom-tuned electric power steering and Intelligent Trace Control (cornering stabilisation system) are expected provide more stability at higher speeds.

The Leaf Nismo is available in Japan with nine exterior colour options that include the Nismo series’ custom Brilliant Silver (metallic), Super Black dual-tone and the Dark Metal Grey (metallic)/Super Black two-tone.

The cabin of the Nissan Leaf Nismo prominently features Nismo’s custom red accents all around. The dashboard sports a custom carbon-fibre-like finish, and the electronic shift has a gun metal chrome one.

Nissan aims to sell a million electrified vehicles a year (including the new Nissan Leaf) globally by the 2022 fiscal.

Nismo, Nissan’s motorsports and in-house tuning division, launched its road car series with the Nissan Juke Nismo in 2013. It has since added the March Nismo, Note Nismo, 370Z Nismo, GT-R Nismo and Serena Nismo in international markets.

For India, Nissan is considering bringing the standard Leaf to the market in the near future. There is no word from the Japanese carmaker on whether the performance-focused version will come to our country.

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