Jaguar reveals AI-equipped steering wheel

Jaguar reveals AI-equipped steering wheel

7th Sep 2017 6:00 am

The voice-activated steering can take care of navigation, apart from other functions; will be independent of the car.


Jaguar has revealed an AI-equipped, voice-activated steering wheel that's removable from the car. Named Sayer after famed Jaguar designer Malcolm Sayer, it is Jaguar’s vision of the steering wheel’s future.

The wheel will be the only part of the car owned by the driver, in a future where mobility solutions replace car ownership.

The Sayer is designed to be brought into its owner’s home and used in a similar fashion to Amazon’s Alexa voice command device.

Jaguar claims that the Sayer will calculate your journey based on the time you get up and will offer control of the car to the driver at points when it thinks the journey will be fun to drive.

Sayer will be presented on a concept showcased at the JLR Tech Fest later this week. The concept will be accompanied by a keynote from Jaguar Land Rover CEO Ralf Speth.

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