Rynox Tornado Pro 3 gloves review

Rynox Tornado Pro 3 gloves review

4th May 2020 8:00 am

Everyday gloves with good protection.

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A couple of months ago, the day came to retire my only pair of riding gloves. I’d worn the RST Tracktech Evo full gauntlet sports gloves nearly every day for the past year, through all kinds of riding conditions. I was on the lookout for a replacement that I could wear on my daily commute and Rynox had just launched its new range of short-cuff riding gloves that they were kind enough to send over.

Of these, I picked the Tornado Pro 3 and have been wearing them almost every day since. Right off the bat, the gloves are quite impressive. There are no stray stitches or cheap-looking materials and the fit around the hand is mostly good too. However, I did find that the fingers were a bit short and it took a couple of weeks of use for them to stretch out and get comfortable. On the plus side, generous mesh panels make them great to use in our weather.

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Knuckle region is bulky.

What I’m most impressed by is the protection on offer. In most motorcycle accidents, your palm is the first point of contact with the road surface, and I prefer wearing gloves that offer hard armour in that region. The Tornado Pro 3s use the KNOX patented Sport SPS (Scaphoid Protection System) that uses two hard sliders on the lower palm area. These allow the palm to slide smoothly and avoid the risk of the glove gripping tarmac, which can seriously hurt your wrist or scaphoid bone. I even had a slow-speed fall at a dirt track and the gloves worked as they should. There’s more hard armour on the knuckles that comes from a South Korean brand called Impact-On. The only downside to the knukle armour is that they make it quite bulky in comparison to most other gloves that offer similar protection.

The Tornado Pro 3s have no major faults but if I had to nitpick, the touchscreen-friendly fingertip isn’t very effective. Longer girth adjusters on the wrist would also make them less cumbersome to undo when wearing a glove on your other hand. The Tornado Pro 3 isn’t for someone looking for a full-on sport riding glove. However, at Rs 3,150, it provides good value for a comfortable, yet protective pair of gloves for everyday urban use, or even some casual off-road riding. 

Where: www.rynoxgears.com 

Price: Rs 3,150

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