• You can easily detach the seat and carry it with you.
    You can easily detach the seat and carry it with you.
  • Inflatable rubber membrane provides the cushioning.
    Inflatable rubber membrane provides the cushioning.
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Fego Float air suspension seat review

13th May 2018 6:00 am

Enhancing rider comfort with an air suspension seat.

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An uncomfortable motorcycle seat on a long ride is literally a pain in the backside. After I bought my Triumph Street Twin, I discovered the bike’s Achilles heel was the seat. While the Street Twin’s seat was fine for city commutes, on longer rides it had me squirming after the first 100km. Just as I was exploring different options to make my ride more comfortable, we got the Fego Float seat for review. So did it solve my problem? Here are my impressions.

The Fego seat is made of leather and mesh. Underneath it is an inflatable rubber membrane that you blow up, and it is this pocket of air that provides you the cushioning. No, you don’t need an air pump, your lungs are good enough for the job. The Fego stays to your seat by two straps that run under your seat. Luckily for me, all that I need to remove the Triumph’s seat are the keys, so attaching the Fego was a five-minute job.

The seat is not bad looking, but to me, it didn’t look right on the Street Twin. Maybe it’ll look better on the Tiger or the Enfield Thunderbird. To be fair, the seat is designed to make your
ride more comfortable, not make you look like Tom Cruise.

The first few hours on the Fego take a little bit of getting used to. If seat height is of concern to you, remember it will add a few millimetres to your stock seat height. But once you are used to it, it does help you put more riding distance before you need to make a stop.

One big disadvantage is that the seat can be stolen if you leave it on the bike. You can easily unclip and carry it, but then that’s another thing to carry. Would I buy one? Yes, if I did a lot of long-distance trips but it’s not something I would want permanently on my bike.

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