Indian completes Bun Burner challenge

Indian completes Bun Burner challenge

13th Apr 2015 4:58 pm

Devjeet Saha completed the nearly 2,414km ride within 36 hours on a Hero Splendor Pro.

Devjeet Saha has successfully completed the Bun Burner ride on a Hero Splendor Pro. The Bun Burner, recognised by the Iron Butt Association (IBA) challenges riders to complete at least 2,414km within 36 hours. Devjeet has previously completed the Bun Burner challenge on a Hero Karizma.

He said, “I always like setting records that cannot be easily broken. There are many people who have done the Bun Burner, and many who wish to do so, but very seldom will you come across someone who will want to do it on a lesser capacity motorcycle. That’s the real challenge. Such endurance rides are relatively easier when you have high performance machines, but to do something extraordinary on an ordinary machine is what gives me a sense of accomplishment”.

Devjeet set his latest record heading towards Chennai from Pune. He started the ride on April 5 and reached Chennai the next day, and rode back the same day, completing the ride in exactly 35 hours and 10 minutes, covering a total distance of 2,421km.

Prior to this, Devjeet has also completed the Saddle Sore challenge on a Hero Passion Xpro, a Hero Impulse and a Hero Splendor Pro. His previous Bun Burner attempt saw Devjeet completing 2,400km within 36 hours on a Hero Karizma.



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